The “S” On His Chest, It’s Not Superman Though LOL People Get It Wrong A lot…

Can Anybody Clear This Little Mystery Up?.. I “Hope” So!


Pic-09152013-008See A lot of people always thought that the “S” on Superman’s Outfit stand for Superman. FOR THE LAST TIME NO IT DON’T HAHA.

Truth to it is Superman did not get his name until people in the movie (With Christopher Reeve A.K.A Superman) just started to call him that by choice you see.

And well one thing just lead to another, and everybody called him that by a referenced name.

Jor-el his Father was a Scientist on Krypton, so right there is a ideal of where the “S” could have manifest itself.  I remember back to my senior year in high school.

And my English teacher Mr. Targin had made a deal with me and the rest of the class right.

He told us this: “If any of you can find out what the “S” on Superman’s chest means, then consider yourself an A for the end of the semester.”

So after he finished talking half the class busted out of the room running like a pack of rabid hyenas, that seemingly smelled a turkey drumstick that was probably hidden in a brush parked out in front of the library double doors.

While me and 3 others stayed behind, I just listened after a girl said “Isn’t It Superman?” “Nope,” Mr. Targin replied. 

I actually have the meaning of what it is, which is cleverly hidden in this post if you didn’t see it most people will probably catch on to it as they read through this article.

Stumped on all of this, looking like a fly away kite whisking in the high wind on a carry off LOL.

I started asking people questions about the symbol. No one just didn’t have an answer.

Till I asked this one kid that liked comic books a lot, so what does one do but go to the source.

I asked Drew about it the kid I just referred to that had some comic books on Superman. And he told me, “Are you blind it’s Superman,” “You’re wrong buddy boy,” I told him.

He got argumentative about it to me. But I just thought to myself, He’s going off the comic book

reference and has not read enough to really know what he saying isn’t correct.

Unfortunately, the school year ended so it didn’t really matter to me at that point. But I was still curious to the fact of, WHERE IN H*LL DID THE “S” COME FROM ANYWAY.

Fast forward 16 years later, I was over at my cousin’s place and the topic as you guessed came up once again about that dam “S” haha.

Me and my cousin Ced talked about it over some beers, and he told me simply it means “Scientist.”

So then I said to him, so all this time it was actually Scientist??

He said yea it could be another like House of El as a title of different singled letters that would be associated with other kryptonains, but I’m not actually 100% sure.

But it did make sense to me in some sorts, and it’s not just having super strength or flight, that most people tend to go on with Superman. Dude has quite a few abilities rather.

  1. Super Strength
  2. Extra Ordinary Reflexes/ Speed
  3. Adjustable Sight (20/20) or better
  4. Super Hearing
  5. Heat Vision (Unlike Darkseid‘s Heat Vision, Dakseid can bend his Heat Beams Around Objects Sups Can’t)
  6. Can see though most elements except of course lead.
  7. Molecular Manipulation (He can split into copies of himself).
  8. Enhanced Learning Curve (Part When He Is In The Crystal Ship After Krypton Blows Up Heading To Earth, He Is Taught By Voice Of His Father Information, Math, English,Languages, etc..)  
  9. His powers can be similar somewhat to StarFire‘s powers from teen titans, I think emotions can dictate the mood of his abilities as well.

SUPERMAN SHIELD 2012 [Sun Version] by BIG JELLYFISH® (aka Medusone)So people don’t really realize the dude’s full potential of what he really can do, what he shows you is only about 40% of the other hidden 60%.

But hey it’s Superman even he has to have a few secrets right.

And for the “S” my cousin kinda of clear that up a little as to what it means, but it’s still only guesses as to what the dam “S” really stands for.

Oh well maybe in 50 years or so someone might find out exactly what it means. Even though I might not be around by then :-( , somebody hurry up and figure it out already!


(clark acts-a-fool “showing off a few powers)



The “S” On His Chest, It’s Not Superman Though LOL People Get It Wrong A lot…


(By: Jaye Irons)


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