Prophecies Of The Times… UFO Viewpoints And Deception

Prophecies Of The Times… UFO Viewpoints And Prophecy Materializing of Evil 2012 | Expose#102112 by Warn-RadioDeception

I was interested by some viewpoints of  some of the UFO mania that has been having people up in arms of confusing proportions as of late. This particular subject matter seems to run along some biblical events that have turned heads to the reality of the strange times we now live in.

So far we have been seeing a lot of stuff take place on the planet like crazy, stuff like bizarre calf mutilations that happened out on a Colorado ranch on thanksgiving day and this did not have nothing to do with any type of UFO site that usually have weird things that is talked about like strangely formed crop circles or people experiencingMissing Time this was just someone with a really twisted mind decided to do, which was to slaughter calves on a ranch which came off a Drudge Report.

Or Hurricanes, wars, some areas of the world people are experiencing famine (Food Shortage). People murdering people almost everyday, Chicago is a testament to that.

All these crazy things or stories that we are hearing about does bring up the fact, that we are living in the times  that many will signify that time is near. So the biblical side to this is showing itself to us right in front of our own two eyes.

Prophecies Of The Times… The Rundown List So Far

As you know there are an order of events that must take place in this time we live in, it’s a time to be scared, it’s a time of confusion, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring us next so we have to live for ourselves today. And if you see the news lets just say that for instance, all of the things you see on the news is happening very fast. If it’s not one thing we hear about half an hour later LOL, you might hear a few things else.

Most people don’t realize it either because they become numb to most things they see and take into their minds everyday. But lets face it sayings like these that are biblical referenced.

Prophecy is Out

Prophecy is Out (Photo credit: taberandrew)

  • Nations Will Raise Against Nations
  • Famines and Earthquakes In Various Places
  • Others Like Jobs Shutting Down, Companies Are Constantly Downsizing
  • Family Structures Are Weak, Children Turning Against Parents
  • Senseless Murders Seemingly happen More And More Usually over Dumbsh*t, That can be avoided, or unnecessary all together.

Even the news media can’t keep up with all these things that happen everyday. And that is pretty dam crazy. And like on a typing of the Johnny Carson Show that use to come on back then on NBC when it goes to commercial break, “Stay Tuned For More To Come.”

This is even said of most Nations that experience war on a traumatic level, like Israel which is referred to the “Prophecies,” because of situations that they have faced such as bombing attacks that seem to plague them randomly from enemy countries like Palestine. And most people don’t thing about it in other parts of the world like that even though they might see something going down in other countries on television or hear on radio, that is really bad and out of control.

So a lot does go unnoticed, until it happens in another country on a large-scale and it could be viewed the same in that manner to citizens there, in the minds of the end of times drawing near is what they start to think on.

Prophecies Of The Times… UFO’s 

The Mayans Calendar (Click Here To View) of 2012 regards the events of a visitation from “Entities,” which ties into the polygonal stones (With Designs engraved Into them) which usually makes reference to beings from far away that come to visit us from time to time (Aliens).

They also believed according to their calendar of events, that Dec 21, 2012 is supposed to be the day and time that the Earth would be aligned and become entrapped into a Black Hole, their other basic theory to their calendar is that the second scenario to their prediction is that Earth would collide with an adjacent planet called “Nibiru.”

This is what the Mayans believed to be the fate of Earth up to this point and time.

Even Buzz Aldrin of the 69′ moon landing (Apollo 11) with Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins (Rather Aldrin) who claimed in a video that he spotted a UFO while on the journey mission to the moon.  And he, Armstrong, and Collins, kept quiet about it for over 40 years but finally let the cat out of the Santa bag on that one and did a video blow it open to the masses that he thought should know.

But nowadays more and more people are talking about UFO sightings and encounters, it’s an outer world epic topic. And a lot of answers are more in likely sheltered behind the Governments’ fat lips (Area 51), and not wanting people to panic LOL so they keep it on the down low from us.

I will discuss more about this topic soon I’m tired, and I’m going to bed.

(Video Credit: 2012 Returns)

Prophecies Of The Times… UFO Viewpoints And Deception

(By: Jaye Irons)

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