Sandi Jackson Will Snatch Her Husband’s Seat In The Senate?

English: Chicago alderman

English: Chicago alderman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sandi Jackson Will Snatch Her Husband’s Seat In The Senate?

Well this question has been lingering for a short time after Jesse Jackson Jr. stepped down from his seat on the Senate, and now in a further twist his wife Sandi Jackson is being urged to pursue his seat. Write now she is a Chicago Alderman and when she was asked will she actually run for Jesse’s seat, she answered in a mixed response. The timing couldn’t be all the better for her this opportunity especially with the fiscal cliff situation, her ideals could be put to very good use there with fresh ideals that she can bring to the table. 

She also had talked about running with long time family friend of her and her husband Rep. Steny Hoyer (Democrat Maryland), about running for the seat. She signified about someone to be selected for the 2nd Congressional District, she felt that it should be a qualified individual that knows all about the insides of Congress.

She has at least 25 years of solid experience while serving on Hill. Jackson feels that the job title in itself is an honor to take on, and does understand the Pros and Cons of the position. Right now she is focused on her kids well-being, as well as her husband’s health, making them her top priority. 

She did face some scrutiny over the situation of her husband Jackson Jr. as it was thought that she neglected her duties as an Alderman,  discussions of city issues such as the city budget. And that all started when Jackson Jr. was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and then the findings of  campaign finances coming up short and sparked an investigation by the F.B.I.  Jackson also talked about staying on in  her position as Alderman, even though she is probed like her husband as the investigation on him also included her.

As of now she hasn’t decided on what direction she will take, about running for the Seat. Her focus now is her husband and kids and just enjoying time together for the holidays as a family.

Sandi Jackson Will Snatch Her Husband’s Seat In The Senate?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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