Vampire Powers Just Keep Getting Better These Days Like A Fine Aged Wine…

Vampire Powers Just Keep Getting Better These Days Like A Fine Aged Wine…

edward-and-bella-eclipse(Photo Credit: Ok now I thought about this subject for a few years you see. And I’ve been thinking about certain Vampire movies and the angle I’m going to shine some “Sunlight,”  (Bad Word Usage Right There To Most Vampires Yea?) on is “The Twilight Eclipse Saga” movie. And what this is about or what rather, is their abilities or if you read my way, way, way, earlier post on “Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver,” this will be on their “Dark Gifts.”

Dark Gifts of course for Vamps are Supernatural traits inherited from vampire to human or, if one is a “Purebred” like in Underworld where some Vampires like Victor, was considered the real deal type Vampire or an Original. But the strengths and weakness, kept getting more and more meshed throughout the years. 

Vampire Powers: Dracula’s ‘STAKE’ In All This Dracula by stradders06

The thing that is an utter mystery is this, when I saw Dracula, he had the ability to Charm a victim into doing whatever he wanted or put them into a deep trans-like state and could have his way with them. This is true of most Vampires in movies having that mind control GPS tracker thing that goes on in Victims’ heads to just follow and obey. This leaves open to the ideal of how “Zombies” might have been entered into the equation in later monster films, they were seen as the mindless walking dead.

Dracula also had another thing that throws most people off about him, and confuses others with him and the iconic “Wolfman,” or Werewolf because he can morph into a wolf, but usually he chooses the bat. And yea an angle on Batman could come from that in some way LOL. Sunlight can kill him, holy water can kill or hurt him severely, same goes for water. And of course if you impale him (Stake To The Heart) then you can call it a day there to. 

But this where it gets different, most Vampire now have obtained… (Or better yet Rahab, character from Soul Reaver and

The vampire Raziel, who appears in the opening...

The vampire Raziel, who appears in the opening scene for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, was modeled and textured externally by artists at GlyphX Inc., as were the other lieutenants. Lake, Boyd. “Boyd Lake’s artwork”. Boyd Lake . . Retrieved 2009-10-17 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Raziel‘s brother that he was to kill and take Rahab’s ability). Rahab’s epic line to Raziel sums it up best as he said, Do Not Mock Me Raziel, You Of All Of Us Should Respect A Power Bestowed A Limitation Overcomed.” Raziel needed Rahab’s ability to swim in water, that would serve a use to Raziel in his journey in the world of Nosgoth. And that breaks a rule right there.

LOL then you have Vampires like in Twilight running around in daylight, even though Edward tried to kill himself in daylight in one of the earlier Twilight sequels, strike two.

Then I saw this one video on a Bull***t Blade 4 trailer haha, where a jacked up Whistler look-alike and a REALLY bad Blade look-alike, talk about going after the Twilight Vamps and having fun taking them out for kicks. The reject Whistler tells the (Who In Hell Is Your Barber, And Does He Cyfer Barbercide) Blade, about them having basically no weaknesses at all. 

(Video Credit: Indymogul)


And That’s What Got Me Started On This Story In The First Place, LOL is from seeing that video. But hey whether you agree with it or not they are just Vampires, and they are interesting in some strange way or another so gotta say hats off to the Count. (Just Keep An Cast Iron Neck Brace On At all Times! 🙂 . 

Vampire Powers Just Keep Getting Better These Days Like A Fine Aged Wine

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective knowing that the only thing in life that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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