“The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy”

“The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy”

I don’t know where to even start with this story but I take it from here. Yesterday out in Newtown, Connecticut  a Man went into a school armed with Semi-Automatic weapons dressed in a black outfit, and killed 20 kids in the school.

The school “Sandy Hook,” has 600 students ranging kindergarten to the 4th grade. And the thing is why this guy did all this is still just a staggering enigmatic question mark  to many. Even President Obama reach out and shared his condolences with the victims’ families over this whole situation. And it’s just horrible this happens right before Christmas

Adam Lanza Newtown School Shooting(Photo Credit: ABC News, Adam Lanza to the left) When this all happened yesterday, Police responded quickly with a huge convoy oftatical squads, snipers, state police, and even the FBI rushed to the School that was in Urgent need of help. But when they did arrive, it wasn’t much they could do at the moment as the gunman  was at large in the School.

This all went off around 9:30 a.m. yesterday, one of the students a girl said that she heard numerous boom sounds while she was in her Gym class, while other kids crying where rushed by Teachers to an Office room.

Chess Club at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT...

Chess Club at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, CT, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the Office, the kids were instructed to stay “huddled” in the corner and not to move. One of the other students said that they kept hearing booming noises also while in the Office.

At this point the Police started to enter the School searching for the shooter, they searched through rooms hoping to intercept the out of control gunman.

And the School District had put the school onLockdown,” until the safety of all students and staff could be confirmed.

The Police did find the shooter, but he was already dead and he was identified as Adam Lanza , 20. And Lanza also killed his Mother Nancy Lanza and the Authorities found her body at her residence.

Plus 20 kids at Sandy Hook Elementary along with six Adults at the School, and then turned his weapon on himself taking his own life. Bringing it to a total of 27 including himself dead.

The shooting took place in one section of the School in 2 rooms. And It looks more and likely the target Lanza was going after was obviously his Mother. His older brother Ryan Lanza was looked at as being the shooter at first, but he had sent out tweets that said from him,It Wasn’t Me!” “It Wasn’t Me!” “I was at work all day.” Both Ryan Lanza and his Father are now being investigated by the Authorities.

All of these shootings that have been just going viral throughout this Holiday Season, and now have sparked a serious cry for some sort of  serious gun control laws. Even other countries like Europe are just stunned and severely terrified, as to what they saw on their news channel yesterday on this very unfortunate matter dealing with guns.

President Obama spoke out on this Friday (Click to view), it brought him to some tears because of all of the insane gun violence that has been manifesting itself repeatedly throughout this 2012 year. And it is apparent that now SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE! Because this thing with young adults and guns now, can NOT be just brushed aside and swept up under a rug and walked away from anymore.

This senseless murdering is just ridiculous, and pathetic! That all else I can say about it…

The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

(By: Jaye Irons)

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