Mental Illness Is Not Prioritized Enough… And Can Lead To Dire Consequences.

Mental Illness Rally by PilotGirlMental Illness Is not Prioritized Enough… And Can Lead To Dire Consequences.

This is a focuses on individuals like Adam Lanza, someone who clearly had problems in his life that more in likely was not addressed in proper detail which lead to the situation of the Sandy Hook shootings that took place just last week. Lanza’s Mother spoke out in a short interview about her son in comparison or another young kid (She Describes Her Situation As Terrifying, Dealing With Her Son That Has Talent But at The Same Time Is Worried About His Mental State).

She says in her Blog post (Click Here To Read) that she is the mother of a mentally ill son, she calls her son Micheal which is not his real name. She goes on to say: “That he is 13 yrs old, he’s bright he loves “Harry Potter Stories,” has a love for animals and he’s working on a novel. But when he gets angry, he frightens me…

She then goes off into the Connecticut shootings: “When I first heard about the Connecticut shootings, I was at work on my Facebook feeds. I close the door to my office and started to shiver, every time I hear about a mass shooting I think about my son. And I wonder someday, I’ll be that mom.”

For Lanza’s mental state, he was looked at as a loner, socially awkward and angry, which are classic signs of possible mental illness in an individual like Lanza. 1 of 17 people in America lives with mental illness today, and shockingly fewer then a 1/3 can get treatment for their mental illness. Plus to make matter even worse fewer professionals are pursuing this field of study, and raising cost for the treatment is at an all time high.

So where the poor can receive Medicaid on a Governmental assisted program for citizens, and where the rich can just shell out the big bucks to get the treatment needed. But this in return leaves the middle class in a bad disposition on the matter because of the high costs that can overseed their budget and therefore they cannot afford the treatment that might be needed to a love one in their household that need professional help.

Deep cuts to mental health took place over 20 years ago, and in the last few years alone states cut the funding for it up to 2 billion dollars. And the vast majority of the mentally ill, were not violent but might have still needed to seek professional help. And not being able to receive help over time is not good for someone who needs attention when dealing with it then and now.

So the system needs to be fixed because if it is easy to get for someone to gain access to Assault Rifle, then how come it is dam near impossible for someone to get or rather seek professional help for a troubled love one in the family house hold? That is a question in itself that can’t seem to be properly addressed and that needs to change…

Mental Illness Is Not Prioritized Enough… And Can Lead To Dire Consequences.

(By: Jaye Irons)

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