Testosterone Hidden Killers That Affect It.

Testosterone Hidden Killers That Affect It.

Ok most guys don’t know about some of the dangers or low testosterone in the male body. I didn’t even know all about it myself, but did some researching on this subject, and it was pretty dam alarming on the facts of what can affect testosterone in males.

And this can range from everyday guys just going to work, to males who work out, and even really surprising scary stuff that can lower and kill testosterone and believe it or not this can even affect the body overall health.

Testosterone What Are The Dangers?

There really is no conspiracy to having low sperm count in males and erectile issues. The most simplest things that we take for granted everyday, don’t even cross our thoughts as males when it comes to your testosterone levels in your body.

But you have to know what is harmful to you and your well-being, and even though this seems like a jokingly not serious topic but you may not be laughing to hard when I tell you some of the reason why most males in this country are having this problem. First off the average male who is experiencing  low testosterone levels might be facing some issues in life. Such factors like stress, frustration, emotional withdrawal, can damage and decrease sperm production in the body.No sex tonight by Fantasiateka  Photo: Girl Tells Guy No Sex Tonight Buddy! 😦

And a study had shown that males have a low plunging drop in testosterone levels since the 20’s. And most males in the 20 age range have about as much sperm count as a typical 80-year-old man does today… Yea that sounds DAM serious LOL, Another study showed that between 1940 and 1990, sperm counts in males have dropped unbelievably low.

Way back into the Caveman Era, these males (Super Alpha Males), could either outrun like say an Olympic runner like Carl LewisCarl Lewis: Break it up by stekelbes, and I don’t mean just slightly faster haha but the could give maybe even Coronel Austin (6 Million Dollar Man) a SLIGHT run for his money, and even could embarrass a champion body builder like Arnold Schwarzenegger The Terminator Poster in terms of strength and physical durability and what does this mean for men today compared to the Caveman?

LOL well I’ll put it to you like this, you know that popular Caveman commercial, that says “It’s so easy even A Caveman can do it,” yea well reverse that times 5 if we lived back then in their time era 😦 So really we are just weaker versions of ancestor’s way way back in the day selves.

And the trend up until today has still plagued young men. A 30-year-old guy today compared to a 30-year-old back in the 20’s has less than half of testosterone. Today’s world is also brings other dangers as well that can be a factor a contributing factor to the average adult male’s health. Here are a few on the rundown list. depressed bike guy at gasworks by we own it

  • Low Testosterone Causes Lack In Confidence.
  • Low Interest In Activities Such As Urge For Sex, Sports, Or Loneliness.
  • Feeling A Lack Of Accomplishment In Life, Fear Of Failure.
  • Anti-Socialism, Especially If A Fear To Converse With The Significant Other. 
  • Low Self-Esteem.
  • Fear Of Rejection.
  • Not Able To Fit In With Others, Groups.
  • Depression.
  • Over Exposure To Cell Phone Activity/ Radio Waves Frequencies (See Megahertz).
  • Usage Of (Generic) Steroids.
  • Erectile Dysfunction.

Testosterone is resposible for lean muscle tissue increase, libido, high energy boost that is the key element for male body to stay healthy and strong. If the Testosterone levels in the male body are disrupted other health risk such as, Cancer, Heart Problems, and other health risks could be a  serious issue to the male body’s total survival to proper system functions. Check out link (Click Here) and learn more about this subject matter that most males today really don’t know to much about.30.365 - Unkempt Caveman Chin Head by Jeff the Trojan Hey Caveman!! Don’t Laugh At Us Mere Humanites!

Testosterone Hidden Killers That Affect It.

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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