House Explosion In Indiana Homicide Charges Are Dealt Out…

House Explosion In Indiana Homicide Charges Are Dealt Out…

Yesterday out in Indianapolis three individuals had a scheme to purposely blow up their house unit, in order to get an insurance payout on the property damages. But the plan goes sours big time as the next door neighbors pay the price for the perpetrators’ money scheme plot. 

Next door neighbor victims John Dion Longworth, 34, and his wife Jennifer Longworth, 36, were killed in a huge house explosion that was masterminded by Monserrate Shirley her boyfriend Mark Leonard, and his brother Bob Leonard, were all charged with murder and arson, and was arrested yesterday. And other charges were brought against the three for another blast incident that took place in Nov.10 of this year.

So more in likely the reason for why they did this is of course for the color of money, Monserrate Shirley had been financially doomed as she was dealing with credit card debt that was hitting over the $60,000 mark as well as her boyfriend Mark Leonard who was in debt, for Casino Gambling that left him $10,000 under the bridge as well.

But the blast attempt to destroy Shirley’s home back fired at first, on a later attempt Shirley and the brother duo tried to blow up her house and instead winded up destroying their house they also destroyed 4 others along with their own and killed two people in the process.

So now they are in deep, deep hot water, and face serious charges and on top of all that the other arson charges for previous crimes.

Shirley and Mark Leonard have two counts against them to commit arson, and Mark’s brother Bob faces one attempt for the same crime. Their furnace was the prime focus of investigation by authorities for a missing line regulator that was removed from it, then all was needed was something to set off the explosion once the gas sets in heavy. They use a microwave, set it on a timed stopping point which causes a spark… Well you get the rest of that picture from there.

Mark Leonard also had previous records for possession of cocaine. Leonard would also chat with women on dating sites and con them out of their money after dealing with them for a short period of time, and his girlfriend Shirley was in on the money scheme act as well. She was the one along with Mark to use the women that where less attractive and easy financial prey.

Because of this greedy plot resulting in the lives of the innocent neighbors John and Jennifer Longworth due to the house explosion, Shirley and the Leonard brothers are looking at the death penalty.

And I say throw the F**king book at the no good bastards.

(Video Credit: MrViralNews, Home Explosion Indiana Last Month November)


House Expolsion In Indiana Homicide Charges Are Dealt Out

(By: Jaye Irons)

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