Night At The Roxbury: LOL Movie Is Hilarious

Night At The Roxbury by Rose GriggsNight At The Roxbury: LOL Movie Is Hilarious.

I haven’t seen this crazy movie in a long while but this was one of those movies that really put Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan on top. In it the duo brothers are rich and spend most of their time up in L.A. nightclubs, where they go to put ideals together especially when music is played on the dance floor.

This is usually where the two get into trouble and get embarrassed, when they try to engage in a game of pick up on women LOL. But their real focus is to enter into the “Roxbury” the most off the chain nightclub of them all, only problem to it is that are really big bouncer (Michael Clarke Duncan) refuses for them to enter sending them away looking pretty dam stupid haha…

This then motivates the pair into daydreaming of having a club twice as badass then that of the Roxbury, but they needed just to find a way in. After they embarrass themselves yet again at the beach with some bogus tans that got while under the sun, and trying to get girls LOL dam 😀

They get to their house and Doug (Kattan) gets into an ugly heated argument with their Father, because of constant clubbing they do every night. Their Father had planned a dinner with this girl named Emily (Molly Shannon) and her parents, in hopes that Steve will hit it off with her.

Steve screws up the whole dinner as him and his brother tries to sneak off to go to the Roxbury Club LOL. So his Father takes matters into his own hands and bans them from using the car to drive and their cell phones (Basically You’re Grounded Type Deal). They gather up a plan in their heads, and mange to get a “Ridiculous Sized Cell Phone,” from their Mom and she also allows them to use a bogus delivery van to get to the Roxbury Club.

But again like before LOL, “The Bouncer” denies them the way into the Roxbury, which is just so many feet away.

After being ousted again they think maybe with money they might have a chance to get inside the club, so they drive around trying to get to a ATM vender machine and run into Richard Grieco (via Grieco causes the accident). 

To make amends of the situation and because he is a Celebrity Star, Grieco helps the two to FINALLY… Get into the Roxbury. From there they meet the owner of the Club, and pass along some ideals of their own to start-up their own Club to the owner Benny Zadir.

Zadir likes their plans for the Club build, and tells them he will set up a meeting the next day. In the process of all this Steve and Doug then meets these two women at the Roxbury.

The women Vivica and Cambi think the brothers are super rich LOL, and thus try to win over their favor. And yea the two mess up again by pissing off Zadir’s bodyguard as they go to his house for the meeting, and you guessed it now he refuses to let them enter and even throw in a lie to them about Zadir knowing them ROTFLAMO. 

The girls’ smell a rat of course at that point so you know, they go bye-bye figuring that they aren’t filthy rich. Then Steve and Doug start to fight each other out of frustration. Plus to top it off Steve is pushed to marry Emily. The wedding was set up by Steve’s Father to take place in the back of their house, until Doug crashes the wedding party. And then becomes friends with his brother again Grieco shows up to the wedding by some strange reason.

He tells Steve’s Father that he isn’t ready to marry, and even throws in that he is way to hard on Doug his other son. LOL at the final part of the movie Steve and Doug spot out a new Club. They go to enter like in the “Roxbury,” AND DO NOT GET REJECTED THIS TIME!!

(It’s A Miracle I Say LOL). And that is because Zadir figured out what they wanted to do, he included them in a plan as Co-owners along with himslef of the Club and they even meet two chicks that actually liked them on top of that haha. Happy Ending much earned!!

And for the music I always thought the other track was “Don’t You Want Me Baby” Guess not but it seems perfect to be put into the situations they were in dealing with girls so check it out below that other vid…

Night At The Roxbury: LOL Movie Is Hilarious.

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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