Supernatural Christmas Laugh Session Santa Gets Busted…

Supernatural Christmas Laugh Session Santa Gets Busted…

Santa and moose

Santa and moose (Photo credit: Jenny P.)

Alright I had to do this one I remember that episode on “Supernatural,” LOL when Dean and Sam goes to Ypsilanti, Michigan to go stop an “Evil Super Santa” that was terrorising the town. Now the whole thing is to the Evil Santa is that he really was some sort of “Pagan God,” that was on a serious tear to decimate humans for a twisted sacrificial pleasure, and it makes him stronger from each kill.

So basically the twisted santa gets a rush from the excitement of the kills that are laid out in his honor. The Winchesters come upon the murder scene in their usual F.B.I. instinctive manner. And they figure out that the wreaths over the fireplace, are attuned with the smell of  “Meadowsweet,” which is like a drug to lure a Pagan God to an innocent target and then takes them out as a part of sick twisted pleasure.

Because that’s how they are, (there was even one with Paris Hilton doppelgänger pagan God that was craving attention in one of the episodes, LOL and she beat Dean’s a*s haha) they like attention and they crave carnage to the fullest.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (left) and Ja...

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (left) and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Winchesters then go to the local mall in the inner part of town, and start asking questions bugging Elf employees and they see a guy in a Santa outfit and start to think that he might be a suspect right LOL. So they track Big S back to his shack, and sit and wait in their car. All of a sudden, they hear a loud howling scream coming from Santa’s place and so they rush to see what or think that he might be killing a girl inside.

So they bust into the door and then a alerted Santa turns quickly jumping up out of his seat and says: “What are you doing here?” (Santa is in his Suspenders holding a cold brew in his hand and behind him is a porn F in the V.C.R. LOL S**t), and then dean and Sam pause and gather the words and reply: “Silent Night, holy night, (Santa busts up in laughter, but you know Dean and Sam stepped in the dog doo on that one LOL.)

But who they figured out that was behind the actual murders, was an older couple that caught the “Winchesters,” and also discovered that they were the ones making the “Meadowsweet” wreaths. From there they tied them to chairs and planned to use them as sacrifices. Only thing though the neighbors that come to their door, so the couple go out to talk and try to hurry away the neighbors that wanted to invite them to some party fun.

Sam and Dean seizing the moment managed to escape their confinement, (They did get sliced up some like a turkey before getting loose) they jump the couple on a surprise attack and after a pretty brutal battle they kill the Pagan God couples by stabbing them with “Evergreen” branches that they broke off from the Christmas Tree.

Afterwards Sam decorates their Motel room with some Christmas ornaments, and relive their earlier years as kids and they come to terms with a big argument they had against each other over their Dad never being there for them on holidays, because of his duties as a hunter.

But that Santa part had me cracking up dude was a trip, getting boozed up with that good liquor real good and having a laugh in session take place, after the Winchester barge in on him in pleasure mode watch a flick they start singing “Silent Night,” as a cover for their folly f**k up.

(Click The Link To View the Embrassament Of The Winchester Folly Mess Up)  Now that’s priceless 😀  Even Rudolph  would just shake his head until he is dizzied with frustration, giving the fact if he could understand language and actually talk


(He Should Take Some Voice Over Lessons From K.I.T.T the car  that is if Micheal Knight Doesn’t object to it haha).

Supernatural Christmas Laugh Session Santa Gets Busted

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

Oh yea Marry Christmas People, From “Just Spit It Out Already!” 🙂

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