Lawrence Tam Makes Over $100,000 In A Few Month’s Time…

Pic-03062013-012 Lawrence Tam Makes Over $100,000 In Under A Month’s Time…

People are looking for some insight on Internet Marketing, and mostly people that try to do it may not really know where to turn for help. They could be lacking faith in belief that they can actually succeed only because they feel that their current situation is on a downslope, meaning they only see what they want to see.

100% of the time you have people who believe at the shadow of a doubt about “Testimonial Proof,” this could be seeing someone on a video for an Internet Marketing firm and they are an Affiliate of that online business, and that is very great.

Showing what you have accomplished and sharing your ideals with others who are searching for that “Missing Puzzle Piece,” can shake up some good ideas in others and can drive them into a good direction that can be effectively applied toward Internet Marketing.

See people also think that it is impossible on make money on the net, and that can be semi-true. See you have some online organization that don’t have the good intentions of helping people who decide to join let’s say their “Affiliate Program,” where they can make money.

They get them into the online organization’s venture thinking to make great money from referring people (Recruiting Others Into The Affiliate Program That They Are Apart Of), and let’s say they get 100 people to join under them, but something is funny about their commission pay through the program.

This is where people get tired Tired of waiting around by DevilFishMark of most Internet Affiliate programs, because some companies show their true intentions of only looking out for it’s on financial gain and only shares 30% or less of commission payout to the hard work the “Referrers” go through to incorporate others into the same company ideal plan, but get short-changed in the long run.

Lawrence Tam an Affiliate Of Empower Network, is a very interesting individual. Tam basically felt that he was looking for something good to get into, a way to make good money on the net and something that can teach and give great knowledge to strategic avenues and approaches to Internet Marketing.

He was looking for more time to spend with his family, and finding more time to live his life without burning himself out on the “Daily Grid” which we all know of course is the situation at a dead-end job. He worked as an Engineer, and made $50,000 a year at the job, he worked it for over 7 years.

He was laid off from the job, and that came at the time when he was married to wife and he didn’t have much money he went on for 18 months unemployed. So it’s nothing worse than a situation like that, having to support a family and you can’t find steady work to do so that’s just a nightmare right there. His wife did pick up the tab as she found work, and that help to stabilize.

Now the thing is Tam while he was at work at his job, manage to build a small business by leveraging the social media network of “Facebook” which to draw the attention of people there to build a team towards his business endeavor. And he built his business at work “Part Time.”

But it was in 2011, when he met David Wood and Dave Sharpe of Empower Network is when things really turned around for him and help to make his Business Venture really take off. So tam told Wood after taking a closer look at what Empower Network had to offer was great, but he said… “I’m not leaving my job,” and Wood replied to him, “That’s totally fine, it’s in whatever you want to do is your call.

That right there is what got me interested into Empower Network, me myself a new Affiliate. I checked out Empower and did all types of searches on the company, and yea you know I did the scam check. And I can say they are legit, these guys don’t “Horseplay,” Horse playing guitar by findsubstance  and they do tell you up front what you can gain from Empower Network. And the catch phrase to anyone that joins if serious about there future, and not on any Bulls**t if you join them they say to you “No Wussies Allowed.”

So like if you enrolled into a college course toward a future possible career you take classes for, you just don’t enroll into the class and then just sit on your hands and slack off.

No you get in and learn what you can to better yourself, especially if you have a goal to start up a Business but you lack strength in an area of Internet Marketing. You need skills to properly approach it and more importantly understand how to use it to YOUR advantage, it is the key thing to realize.

And for Lawrence Tam, the guy is a beast LOL, since joining Empower and has made over $100,000 in a matter of months. He used the strategies like blogging everyday, pulling leads, daily marketing, social media usage (Facebook And Probably Others, Twitter Is Also Great) to put the information out there to attract people who are looking to join. 


Me myself I like what, I see in Empower Network and liking even more that you can get             not 20, not 45, not 67 and 3 quarters, 100% commissions you can gain. Who couldn’t love that! And you can even start with the “WordPress Blogger,” at the entry monthly fee of $45 ($25 for the Blog and you will be taught how to set it up, and $19.95 fee for the e-Wallet set up which you will need as a payout method for commission pay to you and it has more options as well).

So it’s definitely something you want to check out, and you can do so by visiting my site at, and I will assist you, of learning more of this great opportunity that would be foolish just to simply overlook.

So go check it out you owe it to yourself, and I will be posting more soon on other “Internet Marketing Strategies,” very soon take care. Also check me out at, click my Facebook Email Button At The Top Left On My Blog Site That Has A Mail Icon Button To Respond Back To Me.

To learn more about this opportunity that will change you life forever…    Check out my site at

Lawrence Tam Makes Over $100,000 In A Few Month’s Time

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm,cool,collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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