Avery Johnson Got Cannon Blasted Out Of A Job…

Avery Johnson Gets Cannon Blasted Out Of A Job…


Well, Thursday was it for Johnson who was the coach of the Brooklyn Nets now former. This comes after a heavy slump that Johnson and his team had fell into, and just couldn’t seem to dig their way out of. And going on a three year inch of a 60-116 record while with the Nets was just not good for Johnson as a coach, and the Brooklyn Nets team by no means.

Johnson came off of from being Coach Of The Year back In 06′ when he coached the Dallas Mavericks, but that was then and now it just has been “Bad Spotlight Shine,” on Avery Since this slump that the Brooklyn Nets have been drowning in.

Then the stake to the heart was when the Nets just got their a*s reamed while playing against the Boston Celtics 

current logo 1996–present

current logo 1996–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

on Christmas night.

So the record in December was NOT looking good what so ever for the Nets. And it puts question on Avery’s leadership at this point as a Coach, back then with Dallas he had them at a record of 194-70, while he was Coaching them. Then  with the Nets, it just had been chaos for him trying to get them up to speed. Johnson then had a conversation with CEO Brett Yormark, about the low swing losing streak, that the Nets have been going through and the fact that the Christmas game the Nets played Boston was just horrific. 

Even though the Nets had a 11-4 season start in November, which is okay. That put Johnson in line for being recognize as “Coach Of The Month,” this December nets’ games  pretty much killed some of that recognition, finally breaking the camel’s back (Their Back Are Ridiculously Hard To Break ..) LOL. Ended him as Coach for the Nets, and he is to be replaced by PJ Carlesimo who will take over as an “Interim Coach.”

But Johnson did have a comment he dished out to the “New York Daily News,” on all of this he said: “Let me give some real rocket science right now, listen to this: “At some point, after I got signed on as a coach, when I signed on the dotted line, a couple of things are going to happened at some point: One, I’m going to get fired. Two, I’m going to resign. Three, I’m going to re-sign. One of those three things happens to every head coach in this league”.

From there Johnson just basically felt, that he just doing the best at his job as he can. And he was just thinking about good basketball playing and standing behind his team all the way until the old saying, “The Party’s Over.” And Thursday was the deadline for the party…

Avery Johnson Got Cannon Blasted Out Of A Job

(By: Jaye Irons)

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