Fiscal Cliff: Will We Be Left Hanging From It To Fall Off?

Fiscal Cliff:Will We Be Left Hanging From It To Fall Off?


Taxes (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

So far its been a pretty damn tough battle to come to terms with the decision on the tax hike or not, that will not doubt hurt a lot of citizens of the middle class in the U.S.  Congress and President Obama, have been going back and forth on the final decision of the outcome to the tax fate on America that could cripple not the rich but the under-classes (Middle and Poor).

But more so the Middle Class has more to lose really if we get dumped on with higher taxes, it’s already hard enough to find work, jobs are cutting back on pay and hiring. Then let’s not forget bills, gas, property taxes, (and to add the basics LOL, Car Note, Home Utilities, Car Insurance, just you name it and it shall be taxed basically.

This is really becoming a problem and it is getting old now to U.S. citizens, who get up everyday (Middle Class I’m Addressing, I Don’t Count The Rich haha) to go to work, try to make a living on peanuts, deal with more bulls**t when tax time roll back around at the end of the year just to have more silly issues of taxes pop back up again just around tax time.

Timing couldn’t be more messed up wouldn’t you think?.. Especially now that the tax break comes up very soon and it’s time to file, LOL that’s gonna be fun right?.. And this all happens with the fiscal Cliff situation around the same time by chance. I smell a Conspiracy haha.

So this is the thing, we really can’t afford anymore tax hike as is. Congress has to realize this, see you have CEO’s in businesses like fast food chains, or owners of say Target or Wal-mart that Dept Store and their precious CEO’s that get a big fat cut of profit but turn a blind eye to the employee worker that basically break their backs everyday to help them get millions and millions of dollars every month.

Who gets left out in the dam cold! Left Out in the Cold by Terry Bouch “The Little Guy Or Gal.”  And ever since these other leeches like “Bank Of America,” and other bank giants that get tax bailouts, when they really don’t need one and taking money that is your and gambling it on investments and if successful they take a huge profit off of it and laughing all the way to the vault (They Already At The Bank Which Usually Follows The “Laughing All The Way To The”).

And you can’t do s**t about it, just walking up to the teller booth thinking about that makes you just want to reach out and choke someone, but that’s a crime felony just waiting to be charge to you so you have to deal with it.

So really we are at the overall mercy of what will be decided then on all of this. If we get hit with harder taxes, that could just drive us into a spiraled depression 20 squared to the root power of 5.2. If it goes our way and we get a big break, we can rally from it and have a better chance to get back on our feet, get better paying jobs, a better 401K plans, cutting gas tax etc…

That we deserve after all the tax B.S. that we have been putting up with for some long while now 😦  But we’ll see as it is still up in the air on the outcome, hopefully soon we might get some good news… HOPEFULLY. But for now just hang onto that dam cliff and pray for better chance!

Fiscal Cliff: Will We Be Left Hanging From It To Fall Off?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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