Waukegan ATM Users Getting Robbed Left And Right…

Ye olde ATM

Ye olde ATM (Photo credit: ~dgies)

Waukegan ATM Users Getting Robbed Left And Right…

This has been a problem for people living out in Waukegan,IL as of late. There has been ATM users who have been targeted in a string of robberies that have victim seeing fire truck red, like a bull seeing the matador’s red cape flapping in the distance. And it hasn’t gotten better, the “Perpetrators” have been doing the robbery string on victims at night. 

So it’s been apparent that whoever goes to the ATM’s should do so in the day, or if you can’t it would be WISER to go into a well-lit building like a ,grocery store and a Currency Exchange \ Even Though Those Bastard ATM Machines Like To Charge A Little Extra, Dam Taxes 😦 But it will definitely keep the victim out of the loop from getting hit up by the Robbers.

The Robbers themselves were very bold about what they were doing while robbing the ATM users, they even went far as to tell the users to take out more money, which is just like pouring steaming hot Alcohol on that tender open cut or wound. 

And the robbers would approach the targets wearing the usual, Ski Masks, and carry handguns (Black), from the descriptions that the victim relayed to the Police. And so far it has been up to 4 victims but the robbers managed to get money from 2 of the 4 victims. The robbers are also described as teens probably 16-19 year range (Late Teens), And the Police suggested to ATM Users to not bank at the ATM’s during after hours, and it goes double for their safety to follow along that guideline.

Now honestly these robbers are f**king stupid, would they have a better chance at hitting a bank if that was the case instead of targeting people at a ATM machine? These idiots just haven’t come across that right one people, the one that might be carrying more than a check book if you know where I’m Coming From LOL.

Then I saw a video by the infamous “Hodgetwins,” about this one guy that attacks people at the ATM Machine by using a cinder block as a weapon of choice to knock the fa-geez out of the victim and then steal the loot, that concept of “Caveman Savage” threw me…  (video Credit: Hodgetwins)

People just going NUTS over “Uncle Sam‘s Greens!!!… Dang Blasted Let It Go!!!


Waukegan ATM Users Getting Robbed Left And Right

(By: Jaye Irons)

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