Woman Raped And Beaten Dies In Singapore Hospital.

Woman Raped And Beaten Dies In Singapore Hospital.

A 23-year-old young woman was gang raped and severely beaten on a bus in New Delhi,India. The incident sparked off when the woman and a male friend who had got on the bus after taking in a movie, were confronted and attacked by six men who were also riding the bus at the time.

The men beat the woman and her friend, during the assault the attackers took an iron rod and sexually assaulted her with the object by insertion into the woman’s body. Toward the end of the attack on the couple, they then were removed of their clothing (Stripped Savagely) and thrown out of the bus.

The woman suffered severe organ tissue damage from her brutal attack, and brain trauma as well. She was taken to An Singapore Hospital  (Flown In) were she was in a battle of her life to survive. While at the “Saint Mount Elizabeth Hospital,” eight specialists were attending to the young lady in hopes to help her pull through her ordeal.

She had remained in “Critical Condition,” and didn’t show improvement in over the days she stayed there as her situation just kept getting worse than it was after the attack on the 16th of December. She had suffered to many injures for her body to recover from, as she suffered extreme organ and brain damage. She eventually had organ failure, as a result and what’s really bad is that this girl was an innocent bystander just enjoy her time with a friend just coming form a movie invite…

This is a common problem for Indian Women, who have been targeted for attacks like this over a long period of time in India. Many of them live in constant fear everyday, and they are oppressed most often by old traditional ways. They are told not to look up directly at someone, not to speak, and must dress head to toe not to be physical noticed.

But time has changed for many people of color, race, creed, sex, gender. Over here in America, one can express themselves anyway THEY SEE FIT, and not having to suffer consequences of being ravished or attacked unmercifully. And most here in America take that for granted, were as everyday in places like were that young lady lived at is the total upside down evil harsh reality place that just is DAM,DAM, wrong and ridiculous…

For the six ass-wipes don’t worry God got ya on that one, so you’ll get it back.

And to that young lady, R.I.P little sister God will take you home to the eternal land 🙂

Woman Raped And Beaten Dies In Singapore Hospital.

(By: Jaye Irons)

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