Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break?

Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break?

Pic-03062013-009So far the Global Market has been surprisingly bouncing back, despite the disappointing statistic predictions of Business dangers   (Picture: Sept. 2012′ Stock Market Poll Chart) and failures that expected to happen on a large-scale. But it’s not to say that  it isn’t at full strength, as places like Germany and Japan are still struggling from a “Global Slowdown,” which has toned down the trading market in certain countries.

The Untied States itself has remained in the “Mid Expansion Cycle,” and the thanks there came from a little “Housing Recovery,” on the market but even that is still on the weak end in terms of solidary. But Germany has entered an “Late-Cycle Phase,”  due to the solid domestic sector was has kept it in that economic position and the same for Japan which also falls in the same boat as Germany, which has put a big slowdown on their agenda due to its economic woes as well both are edging the “Recession Redzone,” which depends on the outcome of the Fiscal Cliff. 


Business Overseas Outlook So Far…

In all due honesty the global economy is still shaky, export trading is suffering because of the situation of non-stability of the overseas market. But on the bright side there are some unexpected turns for the better in some areas due to Economic Data Reports, but in Europe‘s case, the economy is on the downslope on material trading value and the same for Italy and Spain which experiences the same issue. 

The Monetary Stimulus is somewhat helpful but still not enough to stabilize the Global Market, and with the U.S. if the Fiscal Cliff  can cause more issues if things go array any further, especially if another tax crunch comes along, could throw us into a “Double Dip” recession. 

(Video Credit: PeterSchiffChannel)

Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break?

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm,cool,collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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