Wiki-Leak Talks: Cynicism Outlook Of American Foreign Policy Markers.

Wiki-Leak Talks: Cynicism Outlook American Foreign Julian Assange by Jack Zeitgeist Policy Markers.

Man America always seems to be getting tagged someway, somehow LOL, on its overall viewpoints of how things are handled on the behalf of Washington’s dementing attitude toward world leaders and their idealism (Their Thoughts On Foreign Guidelines And Rules) which was leaked through a Website, has put a bright light on America Policy Makers true motives and intentions.

The “Disclosure” could have advise effects on how America deals with other countries on Foreign Policies Issue and Regulations. But this does not included Russia, who sees no worries of the matter.

A Russian spokesman said that, “Russia is not connecting the [U.S./Russia] relations with any leaks,although the leaks are revealing and all it shows is the “Cynicism” of the assessments. Judgements dominate the foreign policies over various states. They have the right to such Judgements, but when they become publicly known they can really damage foreign ties”.

He Goes on: “On the other hand I don’t see anything crucial about it, it’s all kind of observations made and if God forbids some of the evaluations provided by Russia’s Foreign Ministry or special forces that will lead to the media concerning our American colleagues then they would have fun too.”

LOL Man America is always in the middle of some type of Political blame of some sorts. And among the U.S. there are other countries ridiculed for the leaks, and the U.S. is now on “Data Damage Control,” and the whole incident was sparked off by a “Whistle Blower,” who has been warned and now is taking down his Website (His Identity Is Kept Disclosed Of The Leak Issue). But after the of the warning, the Wiki-Leaked Site showed up again just a matter of hours later.

And the “Wiki Leak Site,” has made many wonder just exactly what the intentions of the American Foreign Policy is really all about. And this will no doubt form embarrassing consequences for this whole matter involving the American Foreign Policy all together.

And what is to be expected of over 1,000 leaks of top-secret U.S. diplomatic cables? It was supposed to be an updated report on the condition of the relationships, problems, and the personalities that are dealt with the U.S. and other countries that comb through Foreign Policies and practices.

And anything discussed on those issues are to be in private, the problem is from all of this is that there were over thousands of foreign server employees that were stationed at hundreds of U.N. Embassies around the globe



And information was getting leaked from Foreign employees, leaders like Muammar Gaddafi  enjoyed things like horse-racing and is always accompanied by his attractive blond nurse every where he goes following him like a lost little poodle doggy. Or French President Francois 



 Hollande  is riddled the “Emperor Without Clothes,” Russian President Vladimir Putin  is viewed of having the stern attitude and dull comic funny bones



of Batman, and one of Putin’s best buddies Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi 

FILE - In this Dec. 12, 2012 file photo Silvio Berlusconi smiles as he speaks during a book presentation of Italian journalist Bruno Vespa "Il Palazzo e la Piazza" (The Palace and the Square) in Rome. Former Premier Silvio Berlusconi announced a deal Monday with the Northern League, his fractious coalition partner in three governments, to jointly run in Italy's election next month. The move could give fresh impetus to the center-right and extend the Berlusconi era. While leaving open the question of whether he will run himself, Berlusconi underlined his ambitions for the deal reached overnight at his villa near Milan by saying: "Habemus Papum,", the Latin phrase for "We have a pope." (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia, File)


was deemed a really know how to live it up good and party hard type dude.


(Kim Jong-Un)

Kim-Jong Un  North Korea President isn’t just known for being an North Korea dictator, but also as an out of control madman/tyrant.



The Iranian President Mahmond Ahmadinejad   is known simply as the “Reincarnation Of Adolf Hitler,” Dam LOL all this is pretty DAM embarrassing indeed as these classified documents on these U.N. Foreign Figureheads have been leaked like a storm drain out to the world public. 

And the basic question from here is, how can the U.S. Embassy explain what is being said about all these leaks?… 

(Sounds A Bit Quite Yeah??… Wait! I Heard That,It’s Very Faint But It Sounded Like A Cricket Rubbing It’s Legs Way, Way, Off In The Distance Somewhere… Awe False Alarm It’s Was A Light Wind Blowing A Loose Electrified Wire Against Some Alumium Siding Really Fast, Sigh: So Quite…) HAHA.

Wiki-Leaks Talks: Cynicism Outlook Of American Foreign Policy Markers.

(By: Jaye Irons)

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