The “Dallas” Saga, J.R. Ewing Was A ‘Badass’ Villain LOL…

Deutsch: Larry Hagman auf der Kinderlachen Gal...

Deutsch: Larry Hagman auf der Kinderlachen Gala am 27.11.2010 in Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The “Dallas” Saga, J.R. Ewing Was A ‘Badass’ Villain LOL…

Man I was really young back then when “Dallas,” was on CBS back in the late 70’s. But I was kinda drawn into the show because of my Father that watched it religiously every Friday night that it came on.

And I would remember the reason I actually sat down to watch it (I Was A Politically Adapted Kid, Who Just Like To See Things Go Into A Chaotic Spiral Way) was because of America’s favorite character on the show J.R. Ewing. (Larry Hagman) J.R. Ewing was that type of character that brought turmoil, making people extremely angry with the schemes that he would pull on others, and made the Ewings’ a house hold name in drama entertainment.

The Ewing family were very wealthy and powerful family that controlled various industrial businesses dealing with, oil, or cattle ranch type land plantations. The show itself never to disappoint on a Friday night, attracted and pull in millions of viewers. It even held up well against pop dance video shows that might come on a Friday night as well like “Friday Night Videos,” as in comparison of capturing large numbers of a viewing audience.

But you did have others that came close, other shows like “Miami Vice” was highly liked by viewers, or even the spin-off of Dallas which was “Knots Landing” run a definite close race to “Dallas” as a high standing drama t.v. show.

But back to J.R. Ewing or rather his alter ago Larry Hagman, which was known for other shows that he appeared in like, “I Dream Of Jeannie,”

English: Publicity photo of Larry Hagman and B...

English: Publicity photo of Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 which aired in 65′ featuring Hagman as “Major Anthony Nelson,” that had discovered a “Jeanie Bottle” that just so happens to have washed ashore from the Ocean. Unknown to him, he rubs the bottle and a Jeanie girl appears out of a mist of pinkish gas (Barbra Eden) and of course she has magical powers LOL.

And he, Jeannie, and his other army friend “Major Roger Healey,” would get into some outlandish hilarious situations that would need magic “usually” to get out of (Enter Jeannie on that note) in order for everything to be fixed, and to keep Major Nelson and sometimes included  

Major Healey out of trouble particularly from “Colonel Dr. Alfred Bellows who was always trying to catch Nelson in some sort of trouble either while on the “U.S. Air Force” base or even off base.

Larry Hagman was a great actor, especially in the role of J.R. Ewing which most people recognize him for. He died the last month in November due to “Complications from Throat Cancer,” Hagman was 81. 

Hagman’s Starting Out

In 1950 Larry Hagman started into his acting career pursuit at “Margaret Webster’s school at the Woodstock playhouse in Woodstock, NY. He also attended college at Bard College for a year, and work a job in Dallas,TX as a production assistant all the while taking on acting roles at the Margo Jones Theater Company.

He also did musical shows with the St.John Terrell’s Music Circus as it performed in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Lambertville, New Jersey. After he appeared in a London production show “South Pacific,” Hagman decided to enter into the United States Air Force and was stationed in London.

After 4 years of the Air Force, Hagman left in 56′ and went back into the performing arts of acting. He appeared in an off broadway play called “Once Around The Block,” then a year later another off broadway show called “Career.” Then he did a broadway debut play in 58′ called “Comes A Day,” then he finally started his debut on t.v. film playing a character in “Decoy.”

He was in a short-lived drama series show “Harbormaster,” he joined the daytime cast soap opera show known as “The Edge Of The Night” in 61′. He even starred in a film with Jack Nicholson in 64′ called “Ensign Pulver.” After he did a follow-up film with Henry Fonda in “Fail-Safe,” shortly after came “I Dream Of Jennie,” and later on eventually “Dallas.”

R.I.P  “JR Ewing” And Try To Stay Out Of Trouble!! LOL.

(Video Credit: bloqk16)

The “Dallas Saga, J.R. Ewing Was A ‘Badass’ Villain LOL

(By: Jaye Irons)

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