Coaches Just Getting “CANNONBLASTED,” Before A New Years’ Resolution…

Coaches Just Getting “CANNONBLASTED,” Before A new Years’ Resolution…

It is embarrassing indeed getting fired on “New Years Eve,” just plain sucks. But this is the real for NFL Head Coaches of the NFL today. We start it off first with Andy Reid Eagles Football Reid by Atlanta_Falcons who did 14 years of coaching, with the Philadelphia Eagles got the “Big Boots,” Big Boots by NoJuan

after the Eagles got sideswiped on a 42-7 game against the New York Giants and finished up their season at 4-12 😦 he is a winning coach having taken the Eagles to 4 NFC championship games. He is accompanied with Ken Whisenhunt Ken Whisenhunt | Arizona Cardinals by Football Schedule and Rod Graves Rod Graves, Arizona Cardinals GM by Sports Management Worldwide who also faced the “Cannon Squad” as they were let go from the Cardinals who ended their season 5-11, and what was messed up is they had started out of the blocks with a solid 4-0 start. Even though they did have the franchise at the 08′ Playoffs for the first time in the whole franchise run. But for those two like Reid they got a pair of “BIG BOOTS,” Big Boots by NoJuan out of the Double Doors of the Cardinal’s locker room and stadium 😦 Then we move on to the Chargers, as Gen. Manager A.J. Smith give chargers general manager a j smith credit he s not in denial  and Head Coach Norv Turner The classic Norv look by The Coach is Killing Mewho are great football strategic operators of the that team franchise, but unfortunately they fell short of their objective to get the team to a further position from where they were before so a pair of tripled size J.R. Ewing Boots for those two right there. Big Boots by NoJuan Next up is Lovie Smith Lovie smith by GoalForGould of the Chicago Bears or (“Da Bears!”) but it spelled “Da End,” for Smith after taken the Bears on a long hall for 9 seasons, and he is a great coach that got the Bears to the Super Bowl with three playoff appearances but the franchise wants to go into another direction by searching for another Head Coach to run with the Bears so throw a pair to Smith as well… Big Boots by NoJuan Then there was Chan Gailey Chan finally canned by pythonspam of the Bills that had an embarrassing record of 16-32 he leaves after a 3 year leadership of them as Coach a pair out the stadium front entrance is waiting there for him… Big Boots by NoJuan Oh yea and Kansas City just walked Coach Romeo Crennel  out  the stadium ... start, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel still has job - “Double Doors,” after a year with the team as Coach. Clark Hunt CEO of the Chiefs’ said that “Crennel is an accomplished coach, a man of great character and he helped guide our football team through some extremely challenging circumstances this season. However, I am embarrassed by the poor product we gave our fans this season, and I believe we have no choice but to move the franchise in a different direction. Hunt finishes and says, I will begin my search for the next Head Coach of the Chiefs.” In other words set a pair out for Crennel on that note… Big Boots by NoJuan The New York Jets fired G.M. Mike Tannenbaum   after being with the Jets for a 15 year run, but the record still reflects a bad note ending at 6-10 for the season. And that didn’t sit to well with the owner of the Jets so you know…. Big Boots by NoJuan And Browns  Head Coach Pat Shurmur (Left) and G.M. Tom Heckert  (Right) were in direct line of a “Cannon Blast Assault,” after a season finish up with the record of 9-23 (Ouch!!) and even the running back Trent Richardson and Jabaal Sheard, are all getting a pair just before the “New Year.” Big Boots by NoJuan The Jacksonville Jaguars has had enough and scream a call for change as they let go G.M. Gene Smith  after the team finished with a ridiculous record of 2-14 for a season’s end :-s Yea that just sucks badly Smith was with the Jaguars since 09′  he gets a “Big Fat Pair,” thrown to him on this “Black Monday” Showdown Showcase as well… Big Boots by NoJuan All in all it just didn’t look good for any Coach/General Manager of the NFL that had to go through “Black Monday,” what so ever. And I guess that NFL are just looking for different approaches that they feel are needed to jazz up these teams. So shortly but surely they will make adjustments to those corresponding teams to turn things around for them as the next season in 13′ will prove  interesting of how the selections to these open positions to these NFL franchises will pan out. And the Coaches and G.M’s removed will more in likely find another job.

But the only remaining question to all of this is… Just…

What In Hell Size Boots Are These Anyway!…Big Boots by NoJuan LOL DAM Somebody Got Big Feet!!

(Video Credit: Eclipton)

Coaches Just Getting “CANNONBLASTED,” Before A New Years’ Resolution…

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto:Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

“Happy New Years,” From Just Spit It Out Already!

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