The “Paparazzo” Killed Taking Pics Of Bieber?

justin bieber by chrissyrose70 The “Paparazzo” Killed Taking Pics Of Bieber?

Things got crazy on Friday when a “Paparazzo Photographer,” wind up getting hit by a vehicle while trying to get snapshots of the “Beav.” But what lead up to it all was the chase scene that took place while Beaver was speeding down a California freeway exceeding over 100 miles an hour, as the Paparazzi were racing to catch up to him trying to snap that photo finish shot.

Beaver got uncomfortable very quickly, and made a call to 911. He told the operator that he was being pursed by at least 5 cars in a high-speed chase pursuit. The operator then asked, did he know any of the people who were following him and Beaver told her “No I Don’t.” He also added: “They are driving really reckless, and they won’t stop following me.”

She then asked for his name LOL. He said his first name was Justin, but then she said: “And what’s your last.” He told her Johnson. Man that’s pretty damn bad when you’re so popular you’re to afraid to give your last name out 😦

But it was confirmed by the media of it being “Justin Beaver,” that was being followed like a small red fox being chased after by a pack of savage big bad wolves. So really who could blame Bieber, remember he was recently being targeted by that crazy nutty guy Dana Martin, that tried to set up a murder plot against Bieber with the help of 2 other guys that got foiled by authorities due to an audio typing, which fully blew the plans open to light.

A radio station this Friday had a recording of the call that Bieber had put out to the “911” operator of the chase scene pursuit by the paparazzi. And after travelling for a while doing over 100 some – odd miles an hour, Bieber got pulled over by the Cops. In all due fashion, you know he got a ticket LOL, that was given (Yea That’s Right Celebs Get Them Like The Rest Of The World, Haha.) 

And while being stopped by the Cops, yup you guessed it the “Paparazzi” Beware of Wildflower Paparazzi at Catherine Creek! by victorvonsalza

Beware of Wildflower Paparazzi… (Picture Credit: Victorvonsalza)

was there acting silly taking pictures still probably foaming by the mouth to get that perfect snap shot, that would make them [Legendary]. And after the ticket was given to Bieber, they followed him again LOL (Man Being Him Sucks!!) 

But when Bieber did get the ticket and the Cops was talking to him, as he was being chased fearing for his life. He told the cops that they were driving like crazy and being reckless while following him, they told him simply: “Well you waived your rights as to being a celebrity so that’s your problem.. (Dam That Just Sounded Just Plain “Frigid” From That Cop.) 

And really it can be very dangerous when a high-speed chase that gets out-of-control and can cost someone their life. In this case the photographer had tried to cross a very busy street trying to get more photos of Bieber got killed in the process, that is very unfortunate to hear, but that why now a new California law that is being passed against the “Razzi Photographers,” to back off.

Man I guess it’s just not speed that kills but you know the ol saying that goes in line with that also, “Curiosity Killed The Cat.”

(Video Credit: allthisbieberstuff)

The “Paparazzo” Killed Taking Pics Of Bieber?

(by: Jaye Irons)


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