Texas Chainsaw Another Beginning Again? 3D…

Texas Chainsaw Another Beginning Again? 3D…Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Ilovebritneysomuch

This just threw me a little you see, I thought that the one with Jessica Beil was the one just before the last previous one, where it told Leatherface‘s story from when he was a kid adolescent. But the movies were crazy and tripped out, how the town was in on the whole scheme to lure in travelers that just happen to roll into town only to be set up into a ensnared trap as hunting prey for the famed serial killer himself.

Then you have to think about this… No one never really talk to much about the actual non-fictional story that really did take place 40 years ago. So the thing is there was really a house that was the killing grounds of where Thomas C. Hewitt (Better Known For His Alter Ego “Leatherface”). I was watching a video were these guys went out to Roundrock, Texas decided to take a step inside the shack-like sized “Kill Box House” itself back in 1998.

They surveillance the wreckage and punctured walls that looked ravaged with age and decay. They walked around outside to the back of the house where a double door with a latch on top that opens up to the downstairs to the basement where Leatherface did his “Dirty Work Of Evil.”

But then people who lived in that town, said that it was all just talk all together. So that would confuse people into thinking… Ok is it true or not, that all this is just a farce or a fact. In actual aspects, it was just once part of the “Movie Horror Magic” that brought it all to life in front of the camera.

But check this out Leatherface was actually based upon the story of Ed Gein,”  and this guy killed based upon the motives of his dead mother that hated women when she was alive. Gein’s mother that would in Gein’s mind appear to him from beyond the grave, he followed her ideal of hating females so much, that he actually started to torture and kill them. And the weird thing about Gein… He did this without any motive, he was just REALLY NUTS and insane.

Gein also had his signature thing like Leatherface in the Chainsaw movies, he would wear the masks of his victims and this guy doing these murders got away with it for some time. He did get caught eventually and got placed into a “Nut House,” for the remainder of his life. The movies like “Psycho” and “Silence Of The Lambs,” also were spurned off from Gein’s ideals of torture and murder.

Texas Chainsaw Movie Criticism

Now believe it or not “Texas Chainsaw Movies” texas-chainsaw-massacre-returning-in-3d__oPt by ma2004tim@yahoo.com were not looked upon as the best of best horror flicks, and when it first came out back in 74′ it caught literal hell from movie critics as well as religious figures (Priests and Congregations): Due to it’s harshly pressed in your face shocker slasher flick, it simply offended most people who back then that just could not bear to witness something of that magnitude that crossed all lines of Sanity and “Don’t Go There” type opinionated individuals who saw it at that time.

There were sequels of the movie over the years after the original, but they didn’t really hit it on the “Mark” in terms of satisfying what the audience felt from the first. The only one that did draw in movie goers, was the remake with Jessica Beil who starred in the 04′ remake.

What left some in incognito on how the movie would play out and its violent murder scenes would just leave most “Conservative” people in just complete uproar and people who just got so sick from watching it and would just get up walk out of the movie.

Even T.V. greats like Johnny Carson (“Late Night With Johnny Carson”) had criticized the sh*t out of the movie so much LOL, that it did a reverse and pulled in more curiosity Instead of sending others reeling away with disgust and disbelief.

Today anyone can take the tour of the so called “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Museum,” that the movie was shot in different areas out in Roundrock, Texas where the film was shot. And most hardcore fans would take that journey just to witness it up close and personal.

And let’s face it even after 40 years this chilling classic no matter how you slice it LOL… Can still put that stop of “Fear,” into one’s body, just like you step outside into a cold 10 degree below winter night air all the while forgetting to put on your “Long Johns,” and then somebody splashes you with cold ice water for extra measure…

(Dam That’s Cold…)

Texas Chainsaw Another Beginning Again? 3D…

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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