Empowering Yourself Understanding Attitude Toward And Change For Your Business…

Empowering Yourself, Understanding Attitude Toward And Change For Your Business…

Dave Sharpe struggled a lot when he left home at a very early age, and he decided to turn to the streets trying to venture out on his own. Sharpe didn’t realize at the time that (Most Kids That Runaway Don’t Until It’s Too Late) he had it good. At that time as a kid that has a roof over their head, your own bed to sleep in, not worrying about your safety 24/7 while on the streets, oh yea I didn’t mention the fact of having a hot meal waiting to be eaten on the dinner table every night.

But he chose the cold, harsh and unforgiving law and land of the streets to be a road path for him that would open his eyes to the truth of it’s ugly side that he would experience in a year’s time. So after experiencing the world of drugs, the dealings of how things worked in the streets (Street Life) and nearly losing his life in the whole process of being a product to the streets. He decided to go back home to his Father.

After confronting his Father over a year’s time after leaving home, he was face to face with his Father and asked him if he could just sleep on the couch until he got his act together in his life. His Father of course scolded him, as to his whereabouts for over a year’s time and afterwords he did let Sharpe come back home. After that Sharpe was shown by his Father and friends on how to be a better person and understanding responsibilities of life.

After all Sharpe had his daughter at the age of 16. So his Father would have to pass on values to Sharpe on Fatherhood as well. And he had to struggle with his addiction to drugs and alcoholism, which he had to face down and get the proper help to overcome as well.

Today Sharpe 

David Sharpe – Co Founder Empower Network 

is a changed individual, after going through trials and tribulations. He had to go in on his own trying to find a way to start a business after working on the construction scene as a part of previous jobs that he had, and he did not like that job and he felt trapped into it or what you would call a “Dead End Job.” But he learned from his Father on the job,responsibility, team work, and making an honest dollar on the job realizing that it takes hard work to make it.

And one day on one of the construction jobs that he was at working, a guy came up to him by the name of John and told Sharpe about a “Business Opportunity and at first Sharpe took a look at the guy and though that he was just a scammer or a businessman that was looking for “Sucker” to get to buy into his business venture.

But eventually Sharpe slowly opened up to the guy as he continued to talk with him, and after the conversation with John and realizing that what he was talking about was making sense to him. Sharpe took some of the money that he made from his “Construction Gig,” and purchased one of John’s products and that sale was based upon ideals for Internet Marketing & Building A Business that John was presenting to Sharpe which was information that could be useful for “Business Growth.”

On a steady note, John had left some videos for Sharpe to look over about key points toward building a business and using Strategic Leverage towards “Internet Market,” so he was sharing the basic idealism in “Video” to Sharpe on how rules of Internet Marketing will apply to a business both “Online” (Running A Business On The Internet) as well as “Offline” (Running An Actual Business And Managing It Properly Like A Wal-mart, Which Is A Retailer Store Selling It’s Products And Turning A Profit).

Dave Sharpe: Pursuing His Inner Badass…

Now that Sharpe had some of the cards in his deck to start his journey, to go through the “Building Process,” of establishing a business online. But NOTE what I just said… He had a few of the cards. The other part of the “Deck Of Cards,” was still another issue all together because he still faced a common problem that keeps people held back and from there they usually fail to get their business up and moving. 

And that is simply the fact that Sharpe:

  1. He didn’t have a way to communicate effectively, to reach out to others on the net to promote his business (He Didn’t Have A PC). 
  2. He didn’t have any support or a team  rather to help him get started into his “Business,” and thus having to work extra hard to bring his business together and give it  Structure and that is a key element when forming a business.
  3. He had to stay up countless nights  putting together a Blogger, that is a definite way to reach social medias,  promotion of a business, internet marketing, etc… That is definitely a factor in communications with the masses that surf the “Net” on a everyday basis.
  4. On top of all that he didn’t even have a “System,”  that he could incorporate in his Business Endeavor which again is a critical aspect for “Business Structure.”

So System (Product)+ Leveraging Internet Marketing To Your Advantage (Knowing How To Work It)+Communication Reaching Out To Others. Is just some of the keys that Sharpe had to learn, like anybody else in order to achieve success dealing in “Internet Marketing” and utilizing fundamentals of building a business. 

So enlightenment is sometimes what people lack on a subject or issue. And not knowing the “Unknown,” 9 times out of 10 scare people and they become lost and uncertain. And it’s nothing more that I hate to see is someone who just seems lost not able to find what they seek, because they simply don’t have that knowledge that they deserve to succeed in whatever they set out to do in life.

And another thing that is just irritating are the “Selfish Gurus,” that promise people if they join with them or buy their products, or they tell you some “Stupid Sh*t Like,” “Don’t worry just buy my product and just sit back go to the company Website, click on this or click on that and you’ll automatically make thousands of dollars… 😦  And you’ll be rich in only a few months time.

Bullshit!! LOL. Gurus like that just disgust me, as they boldly sit up there lying to these innocent people and just blindly want to rip them off without “ANY,” conscience or care in the world. To me that’s just reckless and someday that can sometimes come to bite you back in the ass, for just being low-down in that way of thinking directing that towards people.

Dave Sharpe was lucky to have met John who was a Guru, but he had the right way of thinking of the situation. He really wanted to reach out to people and help them realize the Greatness that lies inside of individuals everyday. And surely form there, Sharpe followed his vision and put that “Call To Action” in motion which now has made him the Co- Owner of “Empower Network.”

So what are you wanting for?…

Do you want more in your life?

Are you sick and tired of thinking… “I can’t do that I’m not a “Business Guru,” or “Expert.” 

And then you start thinking, “All I have is my job, it’s all I know.” (Never Quit Your Job, But Rather Add Something To It Like A “Fall Back” Gig Or Plan that you can work with on the side).

“I’m won’t tell others but I don’t see myself as a leader or I’m not smart enough to understand that, I’m afraid I will fail”…

They Sigh… and they hold their head down feeling defeated and just dead inside.


That is just bullsh*t that you tell yourself, and that comes through from your one of the two psyches in most people’s minds. Either your “Id,” which makes you have a low opinions of yourself, and constantly look for excuses NOT to better yourself or pursue something “Greater.” And then you have the “EGO,” part YEA THAT ONE! That can stand in the way of anything you set out to do like an extra thick red brick wall that seems to completely block your progress and tells you, “Well you don’t need that anyway, I’m way to good for that to learn that silly kid sh*t anyhow. 

And that’s where people Yield to their “Ego’s Conscience,” and walk away from what is there that you SHOULD NOT let stop you. An Obstacle!! 

So now is the time for learning and understanding yourself better, for your tomorrow, for your peace of mind 🙂 Don’t sell yourself short just don’t it’s not fair to do that to yourself.

So do this (Click Here) which will take you to my Website at jayeironsempoweredcilmax.com, and take in the site’s information there that you that you will find, and take a call to action, that can change your life forever. 

Remember this: What you decide to do from what you learn in life is purely by your choice plain and simple, and ‘that’ no one can never take that phrase or those words from you! Words and Ideals, are just very powerful tools in itself right there that we use everyday so use them to change [you] and the world around you and others.

Empowering Yourself Understanding Attitude Toward And Change For Your Business

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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