Lance Armstrong Coming Clean About The Doping Charges…

Lance Armstrong Coming Clean About The Doping Charges…Lance Armstrong en Jan Ullrich by Maurisico

The situation of  professional sport cyclist Lance Armstrong, has been brought to an  ugly shine of light as of late. The twelve time winner of the “Tour De France,” bike racing event was banned due to allegations that he turned to ‘illegal doping’ as a way to gain an edge over other participants that were apart of the famed cycling event. 

And after confessing to the ‘Doping Scandal‘ Armstrong is not out of the woods yet, for he could face some serious criminal charges due to the scandal, which he took  the Nike Sponsorship that backed him for a ride on over a decade while he secretly using enhancing performing drugs during his racing event participation. 

Armstrong stepped down from the “Live Strong Cancer Support Charity,” that he founded and was also appointed Chairman of. And on that same day Nike had decided to drop Armstrong from its sponsorship. 

Lance’s Cancer Support Charity, How Will It Be Affected?…Lance Armstrong Digital Portrait (read the yellow bracelet) by Cain and Todd Benson

Armstrong had invested a lot of time and effort to establish the “Livestrong Cancer Support Charity,” and now it is not certain due to the allegations that he is facing, how will that affect his organization. He family was also backing his Charity organization, by donating $6 million dollars into it. And despite the fact of his situation, he is still very committed to see it through for it to succeed.

The last thing that Armstrong wanted, was to have his Organization go down over the criminal charges that he now faces from the doping scandal. So he only true alternative, was to just step down from his Organization as Chairman of the “Live Strong Cancer Support Charity.” 

Armstrong founded the “Lance Armstrong Foundation back in 97′ and unfortunately was diagnosed with “Testicular   Cancer,” and the organization had launch the “Live Strong Cancer Support Charity” in 03′ today the foundation that he was Chairman of is known and referenced by both names. The purpose of the Live Strong Foundation, was to widen and expand it’s services that is provided for Cancer patients.  

And the organizations have raised $30 million in revenue toward the researching funding provided toward the charity foundation. 

But overall the organization has not been affected by the doping scandal, even though the reputation of the charity foundation has taken a heavy blow. And with the tipping evidence of the scandal involving Armstrong, the better thing would be to drop his name associated with the charity foundation in order to detour any further allegations that can reflect a bad light back at the foundation itself.

The organizations should be able to carry on, as long as Armstrong comes clean fully and totally admits to the doping charges brought against him. But if he hold back any evidence or facts to the charges that lay in question, then it could greatly and further damage the foundations’ credibility..  Nike will continue to support the Charity organization in it’s further proceedings.

Lance Armstrong Coming Clean About The Doping Charges…

(By: Jaye Irons)

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