Chicago Lottery Winner Poisoned After Winning $425K’s Lottery.

Chicago Lottery Winner Poisoned After Winning $425k’s Lottery.

Showing no signs of any foul play lottery winner Urooj Khan  died after winning a large sum of $425,000 dollars on a Lottery ticket he brought at a 7-Eleven food quickie mart store. On the surface of Khan’s death it seemed like it was just caused naturally or (Natural Causes), but after a deeper investigation was perform on the body something else was found to be the silent killer that lay inside of Khan’s body.

Cyanide apparently was the trigger that was pulled and fatally killed Khan, after he had won nearly half a million dollars from the purchase of his lottery ticket which was a few months back in July of 12′. The further investigation of his autopsy was a request from a relative, and the investigation ruled his death an as a homicide. The ticket that he purchase was the winnings of a $1,000,000 dollar jackpot.

Medical Examiner Stephen Cina who preformed the autopsy on the body, could not find any other indicator of injuries, no signs of trauma, or anything else that would raise a red flag. When questioned by reporters Cina responded saying:

“It’s pretty usual.” “I’ve had one maybe two cases out of 4,500 autopsies I’ve done.

When Khan first won the $1,000,000 dollar jackpot he like anybody else would be overjoyed winning a large sum of money like that. He was so happy that he went back into the 7-Eleven store and threw a $100 spot of cash to the cashier clerk that processed the winning ticket through the register. Khan won $425,000 afterUncle Sam,” got his cut of the winnings.

Khan also planned to donate some of the money to a Children’s hospital, and he would obtain his winnings from the Comptroller‘s State Office after taxes bringing his winning total to $425,000. But the day after he won the Lottery winnings, he died before he could put his plans into action.

A Cocaine and Carbon Monoxide toxicology test was ran on Khan’s body as well, and both checks for either substance or gas came back negative. Although through total observation of the autopsy, the death was ruled out to the cause of hardening of the coronary arteries. Clot in coronary artery stops blood supply to a part of heart on Vimeo by Focus Apps Store by Focus Apps Store

Detectives are now working with the Medical Examiner’s Office closely, to see if any other details to Khan death might turn up any clues.

Chicago Lottery Winner Poisoned After Winning $425k’s Lottery.

(By: Jaye Irons)

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