Uconn Steps Down To Notre Dame! NCAA.

Uconn Steps Down To Notre Dame! NCAA.

Skylar Diggins-South Bend Washington by Gsanvin (Skylar Diggins:Left)Notre Dame accomplished a great feat over the past week, as they took down a worthy adversary that is the highly acclaimed NCAA college winner over a long-span dominating team “Connecticut.” The last time that Connecticut had experienced a Major upset like this, was back in the 90’s as they lost to the Miami Huskies.

Skylar Diggins led the attack on Connecticut this past Saturday, and Notre Dame finished the game with a victory over Uconn with a score of (73-72) yea a “Nailbiter.” Diggins put up a crucial shot in the game, and drew a foul in which she proceeded to make 2 free throws toward the end of the game putting Uconn’s back against the wall.

And it didn’t seem to affect the Fighting Irish at any standpoint, due to the fact that three graduating former players of the team was not apart of the equation to their victory. As Skylar Diggins saw to that, with her efforts and the team’s added support had brought them a huge win against Uconn. At the end Diggins grabbed recovered a loose ball from the opposing team and ran out the time on the clock, and that turnover by Uconn cost them dearly.

ESPN.com reported that Notre Dame No.5 displayed an “Impressive Victory,” and literally shocked the No.1 seeded defending team Connecticut. Coach of the Fighting Irish squad Muffet McGraw added: “How many times can we put up our defense. I thought about our football team getting the goal line stand (against Standford) three times in a row, if they can do it, we can do it.

Stephanie Dolson  of the Connecticut Huskies commented about the loss on Saturday in an interview she disclosed: “You don’t realize the as an upper classmen, you know how important this victory was to us. Kelly, Heather, me and the rest of the team has to do better, just really take control of this team bringing them along with us and leading them. And that’s what it is umm.. There doing a great job you know we’re all going to get better here.”

“We were at disbelief umm… You know how they came out and did an awesome job, just being tough offensively and defensively and it’s not something that we are angry about.Me myself I see that’s it’s only January, you know we have a lot of games and practice left and we will get better from here.”

So it may be a victory for Notre Dame but in Connecticut’s eyes, it’s only a minor set back of a loss that can make them a better team that they will gain by experiencing from what they take from it.

Uconn Steps Down To Notre Dame! NCAA

(By: Jaye Irons)

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