Back On The “Octomom” Will She Do It Again?…

Back On the “Octomom” Will She Do It Again?…

Well here we go again, so “Octomom” Nadya Suleman checked into rehab after admitting shes addicted to Xanax by Jaclyn Diva (Nadya Suleman) is back on welfare and again is in need of some financial assistance. The Mother of 14 has been facing some rather embarrassing situations involving porn and people who been criticizing the sh*t out of her for doing it (Check Out The Facebook Comments Social Area).

As of late Suleman and her crew are back on Government assistance, getting $1,800 a month for food and $1,000 a month for emergency cash for her kids. Included in this is MediCal benefits for mental health and dental services. So she back on welfare at the moment, but the question is… Will she do it again? Will she go back to the fast income lifestyle of Pornography which really have people on the edge of the seat to wonder about.

She made most of her money doing her “Gig,” Nadya Suleman, Tila Tequila, January and Gina Rodriguez by MS KRYSTEE

(Nadya Suleman, Tila Tequila,…

from MS KRYSTEE) she encourage sells on her flick movie she did “Octomom Uncovered.” After that she shot a “Topless Photo” which brought in over 10k’s (over $10,000), then she banked $5k’s at a Florida night club doing a debut stripping act and with pony show to boot (She Did Different Strip Acts Sexual Fantasies Schoolgirl, Pole Dance etc..)

She wore herself out pretty much after all she went through to make the money to the point of checking into a rehab clinic, that she was in for nearly a month being treated for anxiety, depression, and physical exhaustion. This is where the money then gets sucked away especially having to pay for Nannies and having security guards plus drivers, while she stayed at the “Chapman Treatment Center.”

She also was given Xanax Xanax 2 mg by Dean812 to help treat her Anxiety attacks that she was experiencing. But she did not want to deal with multiple drug prescriptions, cause well you know too much of a good thing… But having to make the transition that she had to doing this to help for family, was probably pretty overwhelming for her mentally and physically.

So basically Suleman cannot stay on welfare to long as she only has up until April to get financial some type of financial resolve. She and her kids are living right now in a 2 story house in Pamdale, California, and she is not paying a hefty $2,500 dollars a month which is the rent amount. (Dam This Girl Likes To Live It Up Good, $2,500…), and she might be angling towards the “XXX” once again to come to the rescue.

Now the ball is in her court to see if she will be baited back into Porn for another run. But only time will tell what she want to do, so just have to wait and see…

(Video Credit: Jerry Fox YT)

Back On The “Octomom” Will She Do It Again?…

(By: Jaye Irons)

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