3-Way Slice: “Java Hack” / Phonics And Reading Comprehension Are Failing Kids / “Commercial Loudness,” Turn It Down Some!..

Better Watch Out Java Users, Hackers Are After You!hacker by Luiso


A problem is on the rise for Java users on their PC’s is getting the attention of  the “Oracle Corporation,” which is a product of theirs that has become a playground for hackers by using the Java Software as a way to stream in viruses. This came from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that suggests users of Java should consider disable it. The focus on this is the potential information as well as other business or personal information that is in your PC, can be targeted by hackers that seek Java users and can unleash some rather unpleasant surprises without the User’s input and knowledge.

These can range from hackers implanting malicious software “streaming it” into your PC by hacking into the security program of Java. So instead of your Java program that can run a security password (Password Are Like Codes), to help identity you the “User” and protect your PC from anybody just getting on your computer and logging in, the Hackers are just redirecting their programs (Viruses, Trojans) breaking the password And uploading the stream directly into your PC. My new Personal Computer!! 006 by Cesar Pics

So that means if they access your info like that, they can not only pretend to be you, but they steal money off of Credit Cards, compromise your bank information to your account etc., you name it.

So nowlogo java by vince el mejor is vulnerable, like Superman to “Kryptonite” but if the manufacturers are smart they SHOULD DEFIANTELY consider doing updates, or just put up a web page that alerts and tell people to just “Hold Off” using Java until matters can be corrected to find a solution to the “Hack Issue.” Firefox, Internet Explorer, that can run Java as a plug-in app into their browsers also face the same issues as well. The U.S. Government came out about the information about the Java hack issue this past Thursday.





“Phonics And Reading Comprehension Are Failing Kids.”

Today biggest issues of kids who don’t pick up well on basic skills in school like”read more books! by fiction~dreamer.●๋• Reading and PhonicsEnglish Phonics Bingo Game - Vocabulary, Reading, Spelling, Learning - level 4 by authors&editors.” Which are important to kids (Even As They Get Older) in terms of understanding how words are referenced in sentences, understanding and learning how things operate in the world today through reading which helps an individual communicate properly in society and help them to educate themselves that comes from the usage of how both are applied in one’s life. But today kids are dealing with more distractions and I MEAN distractions! LOL.

The Internet, and other Social Medias as well as any students who may feel that cell phones, and parties are more of a focus to them at that given point can affect their interests greatly toward studying, and homework.

But it’s like a “Double Helix Sword,” back then in school the internet was not, an options for kids back in the 80’s but kids now have the ability to find out whatever they want just by surfing the net. So this brings up homework that can be done a lot faster, because the information is just basically there for the taking.

Problem is Kids aren’t taking advantage or they have that “Lack” of interest of the information that lies before them. So say if a kid is given a homework assignment, and the teacher tells them to refer to a video post on Bing.com that has the information that pertains to their “Research Paper,” on the subject of Ancient Babylon. The kid knows that he or she has the whereabouts to get the info for the research they need so they go on Bing to get it. 

But they get there to where the video is, and they get sidetracked as they see “American Idol Oh dear, American Idol has gone down the slippery road that is Movie Trajan Font with an alternate logo by Lee Bennett

,or a horror flick video POSTER - AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS by Trash City maybe even a dog doing backflips over a high stack of washed dishes over a kitchen sink. DISTRACTIONS all right there LOL, and they get sucked into something else that has nothing to do with their research paper all together and lose complete focus.`

Believe it or not Videos cannot replace the ‘Skill Set’ that it takes for a kid to read. Videos are definitely a great source of information because it does contain both the ‘visual’ and ‘audio’ aspects to watch and learn, but a kid should know that being able to read is a key element it applies to our everyday life in terms of communication and understanding the world on grander level. Applying Phonics and Reading Comprehension to the mix adds weight to support Reading Basic Skills As well.





“Commercial Loudness,” Turn It Down Some!..

Commercials are being heard too loud Giant Boom Box 08.07.2007 by bossco as they now match the volume of a regular favorite t.v. sit com or drama daytime soap opera show. FCC (Federal Communication Commissions) have now said that the volume of a running Commercial (Which Are Loud And Might Stay That Way), is dictated by the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, and of course this falls into the court of Congress’ playing fields to enforce the FCC to establish the rules tethered to it.

Republican Roger Wicker U.S. Sen. Roger F. Wicker and Jackie Kem look at a Afghan National Police barracks facility by NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (Wicker Toward The Center Of The Photo), said that “it be likely that some stations will follow the rules, but others can more and likely find a way around the enforced laws to play the volume of a commercial on a decimal level that they see fit during it’s schedule broadcast. 

So it is kinda stupid really, has anyone who make up these laws think ahead of time before they put them out into effect to monetize some type of ordinance only to be broken or ignored anyway by a company or corporation, t.v. station, radio, whatever it may be just defeats the purpose altogether of the enforcement LOL.

The simple thing about it is to break the rule that is to be applied to something is that, people can seem to always find a WAY OUT of the loop and break the rule. And no one like Congress will more in likely even bother with the whole situation of the matter , because to them it just gets put on the “Things To Do List,” anyway and they will probably get back to the issue at the hineside of the following year haha.

Meantime the poor people who own 60″ HD  tv’s LG 60-PZ950T (60PZ950T/60-PZ950/60PZ950) 60 inch Full 3D HD 1080p Plasma TV,600hz,Freeview HD,Wifi,Smart TV by lg_tvs of whatever type, might be subjected to over loud commercials and I guess the whole point of what they are saying is people might “Damage” their hearing not realizing the what proper volume setting that is recommended while watching their favorite show that breaks for commercial. 

So here’s a theory I think might work… Just hit THE MUTE BUTTON by RinkRatz

(THE MUTE BUTTON) on the control pad button problem solved law is not challenged nor broken. See how easy that was 🙂 .




3-Way Slice: “Java Hack” / Phonics And Reading Comprehension Are Failing Kids / “Commercial Loudness,” Turn It Down Some!..


(By: Jaye Irons)


Till Then (My Motto): Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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