“Zero Dark Thirty” Is Being Bullied About Promoting Torture?…

“Zero Dark Thirty” Is Being Bullied About Promoting Torture?…

So the new movie  Watch Zero Dark Thirty (2012) Movie For Free Online by gary498544  has been catching some flack about it’s content that is displayed (via) in it’s movie play suggestions that maybe the movie is a ‘Torture Happy Happy Joy Joy’, promotion type film. Because of the extreme types of torture that is done in a terrorists tactics style torture the enemy to make them spill the beans (Like Telling Who They Work For, Enemy War plans, etc..). And it can be gruesome to watch, seeing what terrorists or even the good guys that catch terrorists might put their enemies through.

Interrogation tactics have always been deemed effective as the acquiring information form a spy or an enemy solider caught on the wrong-side of enemy lines. Some are even willing to just straight out die for their cause in spite of being relentlessly tortured. Which is more like a “Kamikaze” type death honor in a final attempt to take out an enemy, but same time taking your own life to do it in the process.

In Zero Dark Thirty, that is the case for the movie. So in December the movie hit the “Oscar Race,” very hard emerging both the industry and the audience expectations basically stepping out front in full notice of movie releases in that month right off. AFI, A National Board of Review involved the film critic organizations of New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. All declared Zero Dark Thirty the top pick movie of the year hands down.

The only problem was for the movie was it coming under some fire, being criticized for extreme displaying of torture and heavy violence (Which Is Basically How Torture Is Done), this all happened just before Christmas as head of the CIA Micheal J. Morrel  released an internal memo about the movie saying that “Zero Dark Thirty,” is NOT  being realistic of the facts that it is promoting in the movie itself. And the movie got rimmed also due to the fact of the “Excessive Waterboarding Techniques,” and facts that tell just how Bin Laden’s son was tracked down using unfamiliar tactics portrayed in the film.

So basically the film was being called out on Falsified Truths that did not reflect how events really happened. So with the statements that Morrel made addressing the “Misleading Information” to the movie, Sony I’m sure does NOT want any backlash of the movie to go floating around like the yellow fever flu especially doing theOscar Season.”

Morrel  initially released the memos only because of the letters that he got from the “Senate Intelligence Committee,” 

(Senate Intelligence Committee Confirmation Hearing for Philip Goldman …)  and they were asking why directors Kathryn Bigelow ZERO DARK THIRTY MOVIE PREMIERE by DEMO PHOTOS by DeMond Younger and Mark Boal ZERO DARK THIRTY MOVIE PREMIERE by DEMO PHOTOS by DeMond Younger (Who Are CIA Agents) are even promoting the movie in the first place. As a result for their effort making the movie and it has turned quite a few heads and controversial reviews, they both now receive a “Scarlett Letter,” because of their associations with the CIA. And  Sony studios 

even caught a “Cannon Blast,” 

from the Committee as well for the promotion of extreme violence in the movie’s content and non factual information portrayed in it..

So as a result to all of this mess aimed at the movie, the Senate Intelligence Committee plan to review all of the contact information between the film markers and the CIA itself. Boal and Bigelow did recap a few things to the referenced changes to the movie, they openly admitted to it and now it’s just a matter of how many lies and fabricated content that is in the movie that did not really happen. And this could hurt Sony’s reputation, they are pretty big in movie productions as a sponsor to a variety of great films.

As for Bigelow and Boal, it remains to be seen what the outcome will be whether the movie will be pulled or not, and if they have broken any violations to the written content in zero dark thirty. But only time will tell, that’s for sure…

“Zero Dark Thirty” Is Being Bullied About Promoting Torture?…

(By: Jaye Irons)

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