SEO Is On A Socialwave Frequency (Google Likes It Like That…)

SEO Is On A Socialwave Frequency Organic SEO India by Jesica Alive (Google Likes It Like That…)

See a lot of people are confused about the workings of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it can frustration to understand it completely especially how it has changed today of how to use it. In the past it was easier to utilized SEO tools use it to drive traffic to your blog or web site, and if you had an online business it was like the perfect way (If You Know How To Really Use It Right) to get your business recognized by the Search Engines and promote it to gain leads and traffic.

So the thing is Search Engines like Google logo olimpiadi pechino football  by pipot83 for instance can change the fluxation or “Algorithms” on a week to week basics. Algorithms themselves are key factors that Search Engine Optimizers use to identify your site better online, that will enable for people to find your easier when they go to Search for keywords that they are looking for. So if your site focus on that certain keyword, then it will come up as a suggested keyword and that will migrate traffic to you or someone else depending on the strength of the keyword or phrase.

Yea I know you thinking why in the h*ll would they do it that way, on that note I really can’t say but I agree it could be done easier to be able to use SEO on a more simplified level but they adjust the algorithms on a continuous time frame to make sites align more with keywords, or even if you have plug-ins to your site are more than likely sensitive to SEO algorithms and just the way it is you see.

And then you have the penalties LOL that come along with all of the sensitivity of things dealing with, H Tags, keywords, algorithms, web page indexing, back linking, internal/external either in your site and outer links to another site or a “Redirect Link.”

So if someone had a site and they had what is called “Over Optimization,” or putting too much emphasis trying to gain rank to your site (Adding To Much Unnecessary Content Or Way Too Many Keywords) which isn’t good because the old term Berlijnreportage by Bart Perdieus (3 JOU A2) is aligned with that concept it must be more of a balance to establish rank and not get hit with penalties on Search Engines like Google.

If you do get hit with penalties from Search Engines, then you just have to make the necessary adjustments that could be a keyword, or H tags, or content regarding your web page, typos, lack of back links, just a few things like that could be a pretty big issue which can drive down the value of site and cloud your site’s visibility toward Search Engines and your intended audience that you are trying to reach.

Also another thing that is a bother is when a web page on a site is considered to be a “Spam Page,” this is when Search Engines might have spiders or [Web Page Crawlers] to search through your site’s inventory. The “Root Directory” of a site contains search engine robots (Or Robot.txt file), are used to fish out the meta tags of the site that make references to certain pages that may not be considered important content and therefore is regarded as useless spam.

So just like on your email’s spam page you might have hundreds of unnecessary emails you don’t care for LOL. And you more and likely will wind up deleting them (Useless You Find That Particular File Useful) because they are  mail files. This has been an issue that webmasters have come across as search engine like Google have warned them not to index internal search result of their site’s pages because it will be looked at as useless spamNo-Spam logo by hegarty_david and thus will be disregarded as so.

What Helps To Increase Your Site’s SEO Value.

There are options that can help rank your site higher up in the Search Engine’s favor smile by userconnect1. So this is a focus on your site’s web pages, and crosslink the pages of the site itself will boost the visibility to the site making it to be found easier (Especially Providing Tags To The Site’s Most Important Pages). Writing content that align with keywords phrases better can also boost traffic to the site and identity the site’s target audience that it wants to attract and bring to it. 

Updating the site’s content is another key focus, doing this will keep Search Engines hitting your site up for more information   (That’s A Good Site Now Hand Over The Files!…) on a particular subject content and will give more weight to the site’s reputation. Adding proper keywords to the page’s meta data which includes, meta tags, and meta descriptions, will give more recognition and popularity to it when Search Engines rank it and this will make the site visibility jump higher and bring in more traffic to it.

Redirect links can also serve as a ig help to a site, that has multiple links that go to and from various sites. Think of that like a freeway exit on/off ramp that cars go on and off from. They link from the resident areas to the expressway, which makes it “User Friendly,” allowing people to go from area to area easier and making it more convenient.

It’s the same for redirect links they go back and forth from a site to another, and therefore more information can be acquired on the content of a web page that simply takes you to another site with additional info on that same topic. This also boost the popularity score of your site in the process. And believe it or not, it puts a smile on the “Google’s Electronic Face”  haha.

I will go into more about SEO rankings from time to time, so expect to see more of this topic come up in the future…

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SEO Is A Socialwave Frequency (Google Likes It Like That…)

(By: Jaye Irons)

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