3-Way Slice: Teens Girls, And Pimps Busted For Sex Trafficking / Nose Issues Unbelieveable / Crazy Bank Heist (Extreme)..

Teens Girls, And Pimps Busted For Sex Trafficking. 

Four 17 year-old girls were being used in a sex traffic scheme that was ran by Gang members (Turned Pimps), and were busted earlier this month by authorities. Now how they got busted well LOL was simple, apparently there was an “Escort Website,” that helped to tip the Police information on the sex ring that was taking place in the Hyatt House in Herndon,Virginia


The Gang members had travel from Georgia to North Virginia to make money by targeting and sex trafficking teenage girls. The name of the gang members belong to the gang named the “Bloods,” that were selling the girls for sex working inside of the “Hyatt House Hotel”  in Herndon. Search warrants by the Authorities was issued out, after a Fairfax undercover officer went on the site and answer back to it for sex services that it offered. 

The undercover Officer then went out to the Hyatt House Hotel, and was greeted by the 4 girls after he stepped into the room. Two of the girls started to strip down to their underwear and started searching for a condom, and that’s where investigators had charged into the room as a surprise ‘sting’ was unleashed on the unsuspecting girls.

Pic-03132013-001(Edwin Barcus)

Police found $1,500 dollars that one girl had hidden in her panties, one of the other girls had just got done servicing 4 guys just before the bust had took place. And right outside the room police arrested 2 of the gang members Edwin Barcus   and                                         Joshua Dumas that were the “Orchestrators,” behind the operations of the sex ring.


(Joshua Dumas)

They also used drugs, alcohol, and even threatened the girls as a way to control them and force them to perform the acts for money. North Virginia has been having the issue of “Sex Trafficking,” for some time now and the problem is getting worse. 

One of the gang members Joshua Dumas court hearing is set for today, for his role in the sex ring operation.

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Nose Issues Unbelieveable…

Health experts were saying that blowing your nose right,  will make it worse to do so when having a cold… (Yea Crazy Yea!). So if you have a cold and you have the temptation to blow it might not be too wise to do (I Think Personally They Bumped Their Dam Head Against A Red Brick Wall On This One But They Are Suppose To Be Experts ROTFLMAO  -Doublereversed-).

The reason for this is because they are saying that, the blocked nose with a common cold is caused by swelling or inflammation of the blood vessels in the “Nasal Airways,” is triggered by an infection the was said by expert Dr. Hendley and other researchers were saying that blowing your nose is not healthy and can cause infectious diseases that can concur from blowing one’s nose.

The result from blowing your nose can even cause “Secondary Infections,”


(picture: nasal cavity infection and occupying right upper alveolus from central incisor to 3rd) which can take place in the mucus membranes and aggravate your sinuses even further DAM!! (I Know There Are Some P’ed Off People Who Probably Just Bought Who Knows How Many Boxes Of Kleenex Right About Now For The Cold Season Yea?..)

So the thing about this issue all together is if you blow your nose too hard, then what happens is a huge build up of pressure that then builds up within the nasal cavities, will damage the and swell the blood vessels as a result. Along with that notion the result can also be unwanted viruses and bacteria that can enter into your sinuses, and add to your sickened misery bringing you down even faster.

But one trick is this that can help which is to simply, blow each nostril individually and take decongestants, that can help decrease hazardous pressure build up in the nose and will help you recover quicker.



Crazy Bank Heist (Extreme)..

Police had found a 100 foot-tunnel that was dug by robbersPolice cars stand at the entrance of an underground parking lot in Berlin Monday Jan. 14, 2013. German police say a 30-meter (100-foot) tunnel dug by robbers who raided a Berlin bank was "very professional" and must have taken weeks or even months to complete. Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf says the tunnel led from the underground garage beneath a green space into the bank's safe deposit room. Neuendorf told The Associated Press on Monday that the tunnel was elaborately constructed and even had ceiling supports to stop it collapsing. Police are still trying to determine what valuables were stolen from the deposit boxes. (AP Photo/dapd/ Tobias Koch) 

(German police say robbers dug a 30-meter (100-foot) tunnel into the safe deposit room of a Berlin bank)  in order to rob a the bank branch of “Berliner Vloksbank in the Steglitz district of Berlin. ( These Dudes are Ultimate Dumbasses Of The Year Right Off LOL, If They Would Have Gotten Caught…. HAHA I Could Only Imagine 😀 ). Apparently these guys have been doing “De-Construction LOL If You Will”) digging a 100 foot tunnel, and drilling through thick reinforced concrete walls just to “break the bank” LOL and get into the vault.

The really tripped out part about this heist gone extreme was, the way the robbers went about construction ceiling supports to bridge up the tunnel so it would not collapse on them while they continued to proceed through the tunnel to the bank’s vault.

And now that I really think about all of this, I’m starting to remember that movie with Jason Statham in it… Umm…The Bank Job,” The Bank Job Poster

The Bank Job (The Bank Job) (2008) –  I wanna say? I think…  But Firefighters had caught wind of the whole surreal bank heist thanks to a resident that reported a fire in the parking lot garage in the early morning hours. The fire was believed to be purposely set, and Police decided to keep questioning other residents and using surveillance types  from cameras to see if they could come up with any additional clues or evidence at the scene.

The kicker is this though, the entrance that leads to the start of the 100 foot tunnel, was not noticed by  the bank’s security detail because it was located in an area of the parking garage that was separated by a rolling shutter door. Police then figured that the would be robbers disposed of  the dirt from all of their construction at large work, to be dumped off somewhere else and not left in the tunnel itself. So the garage was cordoned off by German police, and is to be searched for more clues.

Authorities are also trying to determine how much was taken by the robbers, from the banks’ depository boxes.

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3 Way Slice: Teens Girls, And Pimps Busted For Sex Trafficking / Nose Issues Unbelieveable / Crazy Bank Heist (Extreme)..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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