Neo-Nazi Father’s Son Murders Him At Age 10…

Ne0-Nazi Father’s Son Murders Him At Age 10…

At the time Joseph Hall was 10 years of age, when he murdered his Father Jeffery Hall (Jeffery Hall Pictured Below). Jeffery Hall A 12-year-old boy has gone on trial in California for shooting his father, a neo-Nazi leader, at point-blank range, killing him as he slept on a sofa.  a white-supremacist was asleep on his sofa, until his son Joseph took aim with a .357 magnum at him point-blank range and pulled the trigger. The shot was fatal and as a result Jeffery hall died at the hands of his own kid. Fast forward to future with the boy being charged with murder for the shooting death of his Father, after being questioned by the police at the time of the murder which happen when he was ten and leading up to his trial at his court hearing now at age 12.

In his court hearing, the boy pleaded not guilty to his crime of the shooting death of his Father. But that did NOT sit well with Judge Jean Leonard, that went with the lesser charge of “Voluntary Manslaughter,” and the boy even went through psych evaluations of his mental state while growing up under the care of his Father before all of this leading up to his Father’s death.

The boy was basically taught by his Father to hate anybody who was not ‘deemed on their level’ or people who were in his eyes labeled as being “Inferior” and not fit to live, therefore they must be exterminated. And this rule went toward his Father’s hatred of Blacks, Hispanics, Jews (Who Always Seem To Catch H**L), Orientals, Women etc.

And the thing that is really messed up, is when this kid gets to be an adult the ‘mind set’ will be totally saturated with complete hate and the murderous intent to only further carry out his Father’s will even after his death.

So in his court defense, a typing of the boy when questioned further by the police revealed that the boy had an idea to murder his Father. And this was off of the show “Criminal Minds,” that he learned about a boy who was abused by his dad on a particular episode that had shot and killed his dad but was not arrested.

And on that note, the boy’s defense lawyer was seeking an “Insane Plea,” for the boy and the Judge denied that request.

It was also suggested that Joseph was conditioned heavily toward violence which stemmed from physical and emotional abuse, which no doubt affected the boy’s judgement severely understanding between right and wrong.

The boy even had an incident that occurred between him and his kindergarten teacher after stabbing his teacher with a sharp pencil, this was a check done on the boy’s past act of violence that was documented.

And the incident of the shooting  just further suggests why exactly he decided to carry out this plan in the first place.  He also had younger siblings, one of which his sister that was questioned about the shooting said, that he had planned this out a few days in advance.

Since he learned that his Father Jeffery was thinking about divorcing his stepmother, that Joseph was very close to. And that also could have been a definite motive that led to the shooting of his Father.

So basically the kid was taught that the best way to solve your problems in the world is through violence, so the kid more in likely had a problem with his Father clearly, picking up on things that was incorporated into him at a very young age right off.

Kids hear the messages that their parents send out, and whether it’s good or bad can shape the kid’s future as an adult, or rather who they will turn out to be as they grow up and being ingratiated fully into society. And when that happens, it just all goes to h**l in a hand basket from there.

That’s why it falls on the Parents to teach their kids proper values in life and responsibility and that hate is just wrong, if not the end result will more than likely reflect badly on kids destroying their lives all together. And really it’s a DAM SHAME when it comes down to that.

Neo-Nazi Father’s Son Murders Him At Age 10

(By: Jaye Irons)

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