Manti Te’o: Mystery Of A Hoax Caper? True Or False…

Manti Te’o: Mystery Of A Hoax Caper?

English: Photo of Notre Dame linebacker Manti ...

English: Photo of Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o taken in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 True Or False…

Te’o is known for his spectacular gameplay in Fighting Irish college football, and has dominated the game with his commanding gameplay style that has brought massive attention to the college famed football hero. But as of late te’o has been in the middle of a strange mystery if you will, and it’s not anything really bad (Even Though Some Football Players Have Been In the Spotlight Under Different Circumstances All Together That Was Tragedic).

In this case or rather “Unsolved Mystery,” (Yea That Show Was A trip Back In The Day) supposedly Te’o was in the middle of a situation with this supposed “Girlfriend,” named Lennay Kekua that died and then later she is alive and well…

Ok now I’m thinking who in the double H throw in the L sticks and put that “E” before the L sticks, would want to go through with this elaborated scheme  to I guess try to incriminate Te’o as being a murderer?.. I don’t see the value of what could be gained from thisDeath Prank,” or who could be targeting Te’o in this way.

Te’o himself just last month in December, had found out about the matter of this weird scheme. And even come to realizing that he was being subjected to a prank after investigators had done some digging into the case that were hired by the Notre DameNotre Dame Fighting Irish by IrishFan GoIrish That’s when computer forensic experts were involved into the investigation as well to see if they could figure out if this girl “Leenay Kekua,” was even a real girl and if she was why did she pretend to have died.

This does leave open a window of questions like:

  • Was it someone who was just jealous of Te’o success as a player?
  • Was it a past girlfriend of Te’o’s that wanted some attention because they are NOT together anymore?
  • Or was it just some sick twisted up S**t that someone is just getting a kick out of all this, trying to make Te’o sweat and just get some scary fun from the whole situation thinking that they will get away with this ‘Prank’ Scott-free clean?

Who knows? And the thing is this whole ‘Prank’ of course started on the “net,” like lately a lot of other dumb stuff that have also snowballed into some silly crazy insane “Shenanigans.” That has the whole sports world up in arms with complete anger and disbelief. And it was said that Te’o was basically planted into online relationship with a girl whose death was not real and he was set-up from the get go of a “Hoax.”

Te’o said that he never met the girl, BUT he did remember starting up an online relationship People Are Strange When You're A Stranger by magic_fella (Just Take Stephen King’s Advice, “People Are Strange When You Become Famous… Haha Very True, very true.) with a female online. And that he and the girl maintained an “Authentic Relationship,” keeping in touch online or by phone and he developed feelings her overtime.

He feels that this is embarrassing and he feels humiliated over the whole situation all together, and in the future he plans to be very cautious of his actions when dealing in relationships of any kind here on out.

I think that the girl just wanted her 15 minutes of fame, but LOL whoever she is I don’t think this chick is getting an Oscar for her elaborate performance in best scheme set-up supporting actress of the year LOL.

Manti Te’o: Mystery Of A Hoax Caper? True or False

(By: Jaye Irons)

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