Sharon Osbourne Gives New Meaning To The Song: “Burning Down The House!!”

Sharon Osbourne Gives New Meaning To The Song:

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sharon Osbourne by FunnyTivoFace“Burning Down The House!!”

A freak accident took place after Ozzy Osbourne decided to retire to his bed yesterday night, before hand leaving a unextinguished candle that was burning the previous night before. And eventually that’s when it happened, a fire broke out after combustion from the fire popped violently inside of the glass vase it was burning inside of sparking a fire in the living room at his home in Beverly Hills, California

Sharon Osbourne Ozzy’s wife, tried to put the fire out as she threw water on to it, but the fire was violent in it’s course to spreading through the living room area. But Ozzy thought fast and tried to air the room out as Sharon continued to get water to throw on the blaze, it caught a lock of Ozzy’s hair a blaze.

That’s when the Fire Dept had arrived on the scene at 4:45 in the morning, and because of their sudden response to the call about the fire outbreak, they were able to put the fire out and they did it at the right time before it would cause serious damage to the Osbourne’s home.

This is something to think about when leaving stuff like candles burning overnight, that might not be such a good ideal LOL given of what can happen while you or your family is sleeping and unaware of the danger that can manifest in an adjacent room.

LOL I remember I was dating this girl some years ago, and I was at her place, we were laying in her bed watching “American Pie” so I was half-way watching it and kept dosing in and out (Half Sleeping) she was smoking a cigarette and watching the movie she had the ashtray sitting on her side of the bed and the cigarette was hanging off the side of the tray. Burning the Bed - 4 by Gato Ranch

                                                             “Jenni MY-Ex Was Trying To Burn Down The Bed!”

She had to have fell asleep, and me again I was dosing in and out still watching the movie probably a few minutes in between then I started smelling something LOL. It was a smokey aroma, and I didn’t pay too much attention at the time because I was tired. I thought maybe it’s someone in the kitchen (Which Was The Across From Her Room Just Past The Bathroom) probably cooking something…

But then it got stronger the smell and I decided to look on my side of the bed, but I saw nothing unusual I looked at the foot of the bed still nothing. So I looked on her side of the bed I STILL SAW NOTHING LOL, until I Looked over her to see what it could be and surely enough the mattress on her side of the bed was singeing on the lining of the mattress or the seeming of it was starting to slowly catch fire.

I nudge her once and she was like ugghh… Then I nudge her twice and she said “What The F**k Man Why Are You Waking Me Up For!!” So I said “Well It’s Either That Or I Could Call For The Fire Authorities To Come Handle It.” LOL she jumped up saying, “Oh S**t! In a hurry but we put it out quick with two cups of water haha from the bathroom sink.

He felt kinda stupid afterwords but thank me for alerting her to the situation, I just told her… “Just put the s**t out before you go to bye-bye sleep land.” She looked at me like one o those (I Told You So Type Looks) haha it was priceless.

But Ozzy did suffer a hand injury due in the mist of putting out the blaze that sparked off in his living room of the house and his hand was put in a cast as a result. And his hair that was caught on from the blaze (The Front Of It) and his eyebrows are also gone. 

Sharon then referenced the whole ordeal like it was an episode from the “The Three Stooges,” saying: “Everything you are not meant to do — go to bed with candles alight, open the doors and put water on — we did it all.”

Well at least everything turned out good for the Osbourne but yet, that song is now drumming in my head by “The Talking Heads.”

Sharon Osbourne Gives the New Meaning To The Song: “Burning Down The House!!”

(By: Jaye Irons)

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