Head Writers Of ‘The Letterman Show’ Stangel Brothers Welcome Development Deal Plan…

Head Writers Of ‘The Letterman Show’ Stangel Brothers Matt Roberts, Justin Stangel, Eric Stangel by Rubenstein

(Matt Roberts, Justin Stangel, Eric Stangel) Welcome Development Deal Plan…

Long time Head writers of  theDavid Letterman Show,” are treading into new territory of a new long-term development plan with a production company calledWorldwide Pants.” The Stangel Brothers Eric and Justin both have been writing the “Late Show’s” scripts for 14 season thus so far. And their angles and ideals that they have brought to the famed CBS Logo Light by watchwithkristin comedy franchise with David Letterman as the trump card key element for the show’s success, has kept it on top as it still pulls in millions upon millions of viewers from constantly tuning into it week to week.

But it will be some changes to the show, because now the Stangel Brothers are moving into this deal with Worldwide Pants. And this makes room for the position of head writer for the Letterman show. So enter Matt Roberts, who is stepping in two fill the pair two of big shoes that the Stangel Brothers have left at the door step mantle of comedy franchise show.

Roberts will take on the job as new head writers for the Letterman show

Late Show with David Letterman

Late Show with David Letterman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

, but this doesn’t mean that they Stangel Brothers are just walk away from this famed comedy show all together. They are still a high commodity in demand to the success of the show that is going on an almost 15  year run broadcast on CBS.

But their intentions with the World Pants Productions is pretty simple, they more in likely were offered a big deal (Let’s Face It Money Talks Right?) with guys and they can share extremely valuable writing knowledge and skills that can be applied to show projects that Worldwide Pants might have in mind. Afterall Worldpants is a production company that is associated with David Letterman & Rob Burnett

So it’s the old saying to this, great mind think alike and if the Stangel Brothers and Worldpants Productions are on the same page that can lead to something great and create other show ideals and opportunities plus are money. Who could say no to that… Only A fool would haha.

And the whole thing with the shake up on the “Letterman Show,” after hearing about the Stangels wanting to take on the project with Worldpants put a backlash scare into the mix. Because the pervious writers Craig Thomas & Carter Bays for the Letterman show had just walked away from Worldwide Pants  , and went on to create the show “How I Met Your Mother.”



So this does put a little heat on Roberts who will have to keep the “Late Show,” on track espacially since he is going to be the only head writer for it. But Roberts has experience in this department in terms of talent of his own to be utilized. He has been a guest wrangler, a segment producer, and his has the writer’s touch for writing as well. And he has the flare for “Comical Dimensions.”

So as time goes on for the “Late Show,” he should fit in pretty well keeping the show in sync with it’s comical antics and making people laugh like it has the past 14 seasons.

Head Writiers Of ‘The Letterman Show’ Stangel Brothers Welcome Development Deal Plan

(By: Jaye Irons)

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