Dr.Martin Luther King: “Iconic Civil Rights Leader”…

Dr.Martin Luther King: In Memoriam - Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. by fiction~dreamer.●๋•“Iconic Civil Rights Leader”…

King was a civil rights leader, a Baptist minister, and motivator, that moved many people, touch many minds, to bring together a nation of people of any culture, creed, race, or background. But it wasn’t easy for the  fame civil rights leader that often faced much diversity as he had a vision, a dream that would eventually change segregation around and squander away prejudice and racial controversies.

King: Starting Off

King was influenced by both his grandfather and father who were Baptist ministers, faith was a daily part of King’s life. After completing high school at age 15, King would attend Morehouse College and obtain his B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) degree, and from “The Crozer Theological Seminary School,” he obtain his B.D. (Bachelor of Divinity degree after 3 years of attended the school.

He then went on to Boston University to earn his Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) degree. During his time while attending Boston University, he would meet Coretta Scott   and eventually married her and have 4 children with. He then moved his family to Montgomery, Alabama., and had become the 20th pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church.


(Coretta Scott)

One day a African-American woman boarded a bus and spark history in the making for refusing to relinquish her seat to a Caucasian man, after she was told to move to the back of the bus due to her race ethnicity. She refused to move from her seat and this made national news in 1955, her name was Rosa Parks.

English: Photograph of Rosa Parks with Dr. Mar...

English: Photograph of Rosa Parks with Dr. Martin Luther King jr. (ca. 1955) Mrs. Rosa Parks altered the negro progress in Montgomery, Alabama, 1955, by the bus boycott she unwillingly began. National Archives record ID: 306-PSD-65-1882 (Box 93). Source: Ebony Magazine Ελληνικά: Φωτογραφία της Rosa Parks με τον Dr. Martin Luther King jr. (περ. 1955.) Español: Fotografía de Rosa Parks con Martin Luther King jr. (aprox. 1955). Français : Photographie Rosa Parks (ca. 1955) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


King’s Inspirations For Equal Rights For All


The whole situation that took place on the matter outraged the civil rights community, and thus formed the “Montgomery Bus Boycott” which was led by Dr. King himself. King encouraged other people of color to stand up for their rights and not to back down for what they stand for or believed in. in 1956, the Supreme Court had ruled that Segregated Buses was deemed unconstitutional. 

This was a major victory for the civil rights community. And this brought together many people of other cultural backgrounds, showing that Dr.King’s non-violent methods to bring together others in a peaceful manner instead of resorting to violence. 

King was now at that point known nationally for his belief for civil rights for anybody of any ethnic background. 

He was targeted many of times for his beliefs and the stands he had taken up for his cause that landed him in jail over 2o times. He was once stabbed in the chest, his house was even bombed ,and he along with his family had faced numerous death threats and personal attacks from people who did not agree with his methods.

So for this man who did nothing but bring peace commerce and had noble intentions of bringing together others with different views of each others races and ethnic backgrounds, had spent much of his life the target of violent protest from the white community that had rejected his beliefs for equality between white and blacks learning to become united as a nation of proud people.

But this would not stop him he just had a drive inside of him that would not say quit!

King’s Overall Vision, “I Have A Dream.. .”

People became so inspired by Dr. King, the trails he had to go through, his relentlessness not to give up and walk away from his beliefs. Others who witnessed this no matter what color they were or culture, had come to respect his accomplishments and his dream to see people of the United States stand together as one and not to be divided. 

Dr. King worked tirelessly to promote his cause that he believed in, and from 1957 to 1968 he travelled over 6 million miles, delivered over 2,000 speeches, wrote f ive inspiring books  and wrote dozens of articles.

Because he was a gifted communicator speaking to others, and showing courageousness toward his cause was visited by President John F. Kennedy who honored King for his contributions to society.

But the over the top moment for Dr. King was his one speech that would really open people’s eyes and ears, was the unforgettable “I Have A Dream Speech,” that King had delivered while standing in front of 200,000 people in front of the Lincoln Memorial, in D.C. back in 1963. In attendance was both black and white everyday citizens that took part and listened to the speech Dr. King had prepared that day.

After he delivered his epic speech, Time magazine had declared Dr. Martin Luther King “Man Of The Year” in 63′. Then in 64′ he had become the youngest man to receive theNoble Peace Prize.” 

King’s last speech was “I’ve Been To The Mountain Top,” in 1968 was a defense protest speech for the rights of garbage workers. He was giving the speech from the 2nd floor of a balcony at the “Lorraine Motel,”  in Memphis,Tennessee. King was assassinated that day and later died. The Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, Site of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Assassination by The Nite Tripper (“The Lorraine Motel”).

The killer James Earl Ray, was either the man who actually killed King or framed, or acting along with Government agents that also could have taken part in the shooting remains ‘Controversial’ even to this day.

King believed deeply in America, he was an American that believe in the American dream and that everybody deserves the chance to accomplish great things, whether you were white, black, hispanic, asian, indian, purple, blue, etc… LOL.

It doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, it does matter in what you believe. Long as you know what your purpose is in life then you are living your life. 

That’s all Dr. King Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Alabama Tourism Department really wanted for us is to be happy, living together, living your life the way you want to and choose to live it how you wish..

Dr. Martin Luther King: “Iconic Civil Rights Leader”

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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