3-Way Slice: Prince William’s Mental State In Question?/ President Obama’s Inauguration / Patriots Dropped The Ball?…

Prince William’s Mental State In Question? Royal Tour 2011: Prince William in the cockpit of CH-124 Sea King by Canadian Army | Armée canadienne

Prince William had made a pretty out there type comment regarding his actions of saying “Shooting Insurgents  In Afghanistan Is Like Playing A Video Game.” Playstation 3 by mayanks_098 This is not a good thing here, this is dealing with a war issue and that is not fantasy ok LOL. When you shoot and injure somebody in a war (The Real Type) they either wind up having an injury for the rest of their life, or crippled for life, or die. Some might beat the odds and come out fine as before they go in.

Vietnam was a testament to that, which was a cold war that started from Nov. 1st, 1955 and ending with the fall of Saigon in Apr. 30th, 1975 Vietnam War - Highway 13 near An Loc on June 25, 1972 by manhhai

[Vietnam War – Highway 13 near An.. Picture Above] (Ending Vietnam War Run). A 20 year stretch if you will of a war, and it’s no wonder why many of troops that did survive that war were just messed up from all the things they witnessed and experienced.

For most the return back into society after the war was impossible, others barely able to live the rest of  their life from where it had left off before the first day they had enlisted into the war. LOL why do you think “Cassius Clay,” wanted to avoid the war he probably didn’t want to wind up a victim of it I think.

In William’s case here is a guy that is a co-pilot flyer in a Apache helicopter, that can fire missiles and rockets, can blast off a 30-millimetre gun attached to the chopper. And he sits back and says, “There are a weapon system of joy.” He also says that: “It’s a joy for me because I’m one those people who loves playing the PS (Playstation), and the Xbox Xbox 360 Arcade GameStick by Tektum , so with my thumbs like to think I’m probably quite useful.”

That remark came after he was interviewed Monday.

I have to say I take a F**king offense to that statement right off I like the PS3 myself, but let’s get real there is a BIG ASS difference between an actual war and a video game LOL. I’m sorry but you cannot compare the two, a video game is just for fun and relaxation, how can a war be viewed as a game be relaxing to someone I don’t know. But it did put a question out there, is he “Mental Stable,” in dealing with a situation of war?

And I can’t see it as fun gunning down somebody, those guys back at the British Army better watch the “Prince” closely for his mental health making sure he doesn’t fall off the wagon or in this case the ‘chopper’ all together haha.

President’s Obama’s Inauguration President Obama by Joe Gall Photography

President Obama is carrying on as the 44th President of the United States, and in all due fashion he had the marching bands and his fans the people who attended his inauguration speech, the President himself LOL was doing a little dance shuffle as the marching bands played trumpets,saxophones, and banged on their drums as they paraded down the street.

People turned out pretty early for the event and stood behind the barricade fences, while the Parade The Jackson Jaguar Marching Band in the inaugural parade (Picture Credit: Bud McCormick) marched the route along Pennsylvania Ave. that stretched between the Capitol and the White HouseWhite House illuminated at night with snow by Sir Francis Canker Photography ©

                                                                                                                                                   White House illuminated at night..

President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama had exited out of their Limousine and started to walk the “Processional Route,” four years ago during the Presidents 1st inauguration.

This time for the 2nd inauguration President Obama and Michelle had exited their Limousine at 9th Street and walked 3 blocks and then re-entered their motorcade vehicle. Their destination was to arrive at the vicinity of the White House, which was 4:10 p.m.

From there they gathered together and watched the rest of the parade. Then the parade ceased for a brief moment, for the first Family and Joe Biden with his family along with their guests making their way to the Podium as the speech part of the inauguration was to take place and where Obama would swear in under oath.

And President Obama also addressed topics ranging from gun laws, climax changes, and same-sex marriage which was apart of his 19 minute long speech.  (Click Here)


Patriots Dropped The Ball?… Dropped Ball by pigsinspaces

                                                                                       Dropped Ball It’s A Dam Shame…

Well It’s apparent, the 49ers and the Ravens will clash fist in the upcomingSuper Bowlevent. This comes after the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots game as the Patriots bit the dust losing to the 49ers with the score (28-13) in the 49ers favor for victory.

Both these teams are basic division leaders,  San Francisco have great defensive game play with 4 linebackers noted for their field skills that gives the missing element to the defensive for team makeup. And that would be needed going up against the “New England,” because let’s face it the Patriots is almost an unstoppable team.

The Patriots who clinched their AFC (East) division when they were at (10-3) , have proven the testing grounds playing the game  through their 2012 season against other challenging teams.

But here you have the San Francisco 49ers that have went on the road and defeated the top seeded Atlanta FalconsAtlanta Falcons, NFL. by cardinals17 and lets not forget they pretty much thrashed Green Bay Green Bay Packers, NFL.  by cardinals17 in the division round. So San Francisco establishes their presence as a dominating team, and force to be reckoned with.

With this in mind that the Patriots are sent off for home, after the 49ers knocking them off their throne (Leaving Tom Brady Knocked down on his A*S Patriots #12 Tom Brady by Drew McKenzie during one of the game plays during their match up a few days ago, and head coach Jim Harbaugh Acting A Fool Throwing Tantrums LOL   worrying over the success of the 49ers outcome against the Patriots).


This now opening the way for the 49ers, they are now in line for the Superbowl. But they have to tell that one to the “Ravens” who pretty plays the same style type game as San Francisco, even though more people would probably fall in line to the 49ers banking on the more possble change they will win the Super Bowl event.

But who knows maybe the Ravens Baltimore Ravens, NFL.  by cardinals17might upset the 49ers San Francisco 49ers - Joe Perry by Flagman00 just have to wait and see on that one. It will be millions people each fans of the other opposing teams cheering them on in this no doubt nerve twitching double power house title game, and who comes away the victor will have all the bragging rights and they will be laughing at the “Patriots” for sure in the back of their minds either way haha..

P.S. ( The Super Bowl Commericals Will Be Outrageously Controversial As Well Gotta Luv It 😀 )

3 Way Slice: Prince William’s Mental State In Question? / President Obama’s Inauguration / Patriots Dropped The Ball?…

(By: Jaye Irons)

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