Tight Skinny Jeans, The Silent Killer…

Tight Skinny Jeans,

English: Skinny Jeans + High Heels Español: Pa...

English: Skinny Jeans + High Heels Español: Pantalón pitillo + tacos altos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 The Silent Killer…

Ok this is going to piss some people the f**k off, because they are not great for the legs if worn to tight. Some studies revealed the problem of the “Skinny Jeans,” are worth taking a look at before you decide to sport them off in fashion.

The thing is Skinny Jeans can cause a number of health risk if people wear them too tight, and could have you spending some big money in the future when you visit the good ol’ Doc and they give you some bad news that might make you take more caution when buying them.

So wearing the jeans too tight will cause, bad circulation in the legs and that isn’t good because that leads to another problem that Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton had to deal with after visiting for her Doctor.

And that is Blood Clots,”  (Picture Of Blood Clots In Legs)

 yea that’s right apparently wearing very tight Skinny Jeans can lead to that and it ain’t cheap for the surgery to be done after dealing with the whole scaffold slice take it out and sew you back up procedure.


(Can You Say Charge That To Your Paypal Account Selecting “Bill You Later?” LOL Not Likely To Happen You’ll Will Send Paypal Running To A Corner Screaming Help I Need An Financescosis Currencimos Transfusion Damn It All!”) Not what most Jean lovers would want to know, but there’s more on the down side 😦 .

Also the wearing the Jeans too tight will have an effect over the posture  Back Problems by randomesquephoto (Back Problems You Say?)

 in the long run, the body is sensitive and complex so constant pressure against certain parts of the body for very long periods of time just isn’t good. Back problems can occur as well as the number one danger that have most people as they get older covering up because of “Spider Veins.” spider veins Alpharetta GA by Ageless Remedies of Alpharetta (spider veins)

And that is “Pinched Nerves,” (Particularly The One Nerve That Runs Along The Outer Side Of The Thigh Can Be Damage as a result of wearing tight “Skinny Jeans,” For An Overly Extended Period Of Time.)

So think about the pressure that is lets say 3 times the force just squeezing on a nerve, if it is squeezed too hard you could start feeling light-headed and could pass out because the blood flow is slowed barely able to flow through the arteries. Blood flows like water, but it is thicker and if it is restricted by pressure to flow through any part of your body. It coud cause some damaging diverse affects internally in some cases it can even be deadly.

Other symptoms are abdominal pains, heart burn, which can also be factors from Skinny Jean usage. But there is some silver lining that can turn this SHIT : ( by Portable Graffiti into this I'm a Happy Button, Why Aren't You? by LearningLark

So if you want to continue to sport your “Skinny Jean Regime Look,” it not a problem. Doctors say try wearing stretchy type Skinny Jeans rather than super tight pairs, so that you don’t suffocate the lower region of the body (The Legs).

(The Next Tip Is Just Going To Have Girls Seeing Straight Red, Because Doctors Also Are Saying Put Away The High Heels.) Ya that’s right, because combining “Skinny Jeans” while wearing high heels is a big NO.. NO.. Because it increases the cut of circulation flow in the lower region area also.

They suggest that you wear flat footwear instead, hey look don’t kill the messenger k! But I gotta tell you what’s what haha. But other than that people, you can wear them of course. Doctors just say to wear them responsively, and your good to go.

But here’s a way to relieve some of that vintage anger inside of ya, just get an oversized Lumberjack cheese slicer Impractical Industries RPC-42 Rocket Propelled Chainsaw by IcyNudibranch

[Impractical Industries RPC-42…] (A Leatherface Custom-Sized HeavyDuty Industrialized One) and have at it with your overly tight toe squeezer “Skinnys” Haha.

Tight Skinny Jeans, The Silent Killer

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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