3-Way Split: Lego Is Racist? / People On Welfare Face Lottery Ban North Carolina? / Match.com Faces Lawsuit Up To $10 Mil…

Lego Is Racist?: Jabba  Palace Set Is The Issue…

So as of now the “Turkish Cultural community,” is up in arms in disagreement over the Lego’s “Jabba The Hut Palace,” play set. An issue was sparked off over the look and build of the play set, that is relatively probably of the franchised block building toy company.

The build and the structure of the Jabba The Hut Palace play set, caught a hellfire and brimstone type “Cannon Blast,” Civil war era cannon blast by fatllama from the Turkish community over it’s apperence that resembles a famous mosque. And a “Mosque” Sultan Ahmed Mosque by cform is like a place for worship, so that right off from the Turkish Cultural Community has ruffled some pretty big feathers.

So the “Hagia Sophia” which used to be a mosque in Istanbul, the Jami al-Kabir mosque in Beirut has taken serious offense to Jabba Palace as it casts a “Bad Image” upon a suggestive stereotypes reflecting the Middle East.

Because of the matter now is that is deemed racially offensive on the part of  the Lego Company block toy products, they are now facing some serious lawsuit threats and legal actions against them unless they withdraw the toy product from store retailers.

Spokeswoman Katharina Sasse of Lego said that the “Jabba The Hut,” play set of Lego does not reflect any actually existing building, people, or the mentioned mosque. She disclosed her statements to the Telegraph over the matter.

And this isn’t the only time that this happened with Darth Maul by lastboltnut Star Wars” depictions of characters or building structrues from the movie. Which has taken a hit from the same addressing issue that also had a big fat finger pointed at them back in 99′ after the release of the fame movie “The Phantom Menace,” because some of the antagonist (Villains) of the movie seem to be aimed at the Asian community that reference stereotypical depictions in a prejudice manner.

Lego has yet to respond any further on the issue as of nowLego Logo by torgugick

People On Welfare Face Lottery Ban North Carolina? Lottery Powerball logo by Monte Mendoza

This one is a rather strange angle that the Government wants to take against people who are on “Public Assistance,” but I guess this is a double helix-edge sword all the way. In the state of North Carolina, lawmakers want to pass a law that dictates the usage of food stamps for people on welfare. People who are of course using the stamps to purchase food items are not being permitted to buying “Lottery Tickets,” in that same manner (Or You Can’t Use The Stamps As A Way To Buy The Lottery Tickets). Food stamps by stampsz

This came from Republican Paul Stam, NC GOP takeover Stam 2 by ctfain (Rep. Paul Stam Middle In Photo) who is opposing the usage of food stamps (via) to buy lottery tickets. Stam is backing the proposal that can ban lottery retailers if they motion the action to sell lottery tickets to welfare recipients, and also if the person is in bankruptcy. 

So dam does this mean that the lottery (Rather The Government) is targeting less fortunate people Poor people by Mashael AL-HOUDIF..ما شاءالله who are living on bare necessities? Apparently so, because the way Rep. Paul Stam sees it is: “We’re giving them welfare to help them live, and yet by selling them a ticket, we’re taking away their money that is there to provide them the barest of necessities.” That is his statement release to “The Raleigh News Observer, he also believes that the lottery attracts many poor people who don’t understand the odds.

His opinions of the lottery is that advertisements boast of massive payouts, but fills that they will undercut them are the actual prizes are smaller after taxes. So in his eyes he says to the Observer: “What they’re talking about is making it a more honest lottery.”

LOL he may have a point in some regards, but let’s face it’s money  and people don’t really give a dam otherwise haha. The way they see it, it’s their money and they would just use it for whatever purpose they choose. (Choices)  choices by saraelliott

Match.com Faces Lawsuit Up To $10 Mil…

Mary Kay Beckman Thumbnail is filing a lawsuit against match.com logo by Amy Marie for an almost fatal mismatch dating error. She used the internet dating services of Match.com, and met whom she thought could be a potential long-time life partner. The forty-nine year old that is living out in Las Vegas, Nevada, was paired up with Wade Mitchell Ridley, 53, Thumbnail who she met Sept. 26,2010, but decided to back off from further contact with him after he started sending her life threatening messages that was stated in a report.

Then 4 months later Ridley attacked Beckman while hiding in her garage and stabbed her 10 times, which was disclosed in the report. After the attack she had undergone surgery to repair her jaw, preserve her eyesight and replace part of her skull, the suit says.

A lot of “Online Dating” servicesOnline Dating Sites by Sukitan(Online Dating Sites)

 is catching some fire because of either compromising situations ranging from, invasion of privacy, stalkers that pursue or come out after a victim after acquiring personal information about them, or like in the case of Mary Kay Beckman: They could be facing a deadly life threatening situation at the hands of a “Psycho Serial Killer” Norman Bates / Psycho by paulbarroga (Norman Bates / Psych)

that preys on women. 

Match.com responded in it’s on defense statement saying: “What happened to Mary Kay Beckman is horrible, but this lawsuit is absurd… This is about a sick, twisted individual with no prior criminal record, not an entire community of men and women looking to meet each other.”

Beckman is now looking to sue Match.com for $346,000 in economic damages, $5.4 million in uneconomic damages and $4.1 million in punitive damages.

3-Way Split: Lego Is Racist? / People On Wefare Face Lottery Ban North Carolina? / Match.com Faces Lawsuit Up To $10 Mil

(By: Jaye irons)

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