Prince “Cannonblasts” Madonna…

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Ok so Prince is saying that the reason for the slamming of the iconic 80’s singer Madonna, is because she helped him to make a decision to pull away from a 20-year record label deal with Warner Bros. 100px-Warner_Bros._Records_Logo_2002 by alexanderwesley634 And that I have to say right there is a “Big Statement,” to put against the “Material Girl.” And after some time their war zone feud had died out about 2 years ago, but now it seems to be catching flames once again after the accusation that Prince had laid out to bear of what he says Madonna had help him make the wrong decision to dump his long-term record deal with Warner Bros.

Prince even went off and did a “Cannonblast” cannon blast by DixiePeach Productions of his own aimed squarely at Madonna in an interview with “Billboard Magazine” saying… “It was always about Madonna,” She was getting paid, but at the same time we were selling more records and selling out concerts on multiple nights.”

And if history serves right these two even briefly had some sort of “Courtship,” going on back in 85′. Madonna fired back in an 94′ interview about Prince’s etiquette eating and tea beverage habits, saying that she was on a date with Prince and that he was “Daintily” sipping his tea. She then said that she have this theory about people who don’t eat. And that it annoys her. She even referenced him to that of a troll.

(Wonder What She Mean Sipping “Daintily?” Domesticated Frankenstein Sips Tea by fallingwater123 Who Knows It’s Prince And Madonna Having An Differences Of Viewpoints I Guess). 

On Prince’s turn he just blasted Madonna again referencing to the number of  track hits of his songs that he had over the years as opposed to the number of kids that Madonna has… He said that “I got so many hits y’all can’t handle me.” “I got more hits than Madonna got kids. He ranted that out doing a concert he debut in London 6 years ago.

And he didn’t stop there, because apparently Prince also sees some problems with the “Adam Levine” band (A.K.A.

Maroon 5Maroon 5 live @ WSU. by Kyle McCluer


 with featured a recorded version of a cover of Prince’s hit “Kiss” Prince - Kiss, Love or Dollars, Maxi 45rpm by Piano Piano! song on their 2012 album called “Overexposed, and Prince was bothered by that as well it seems. 

So he blasted that popular group out also by commenting on their album that runs his “Kiss” song into one of their tracks (As They Try To Sing It In Their Revamped Version Of The Song) : “Why do we need to hear another cover of a song someone else did?” “Art is about building a new foundation, not just laying something on top of what’s already there.”

LOL man what ever happened to that one song, cause I think they all need to sit down and do a sing along you know till they cool off. Oh yea it was called, “Why Can We Be Friends?”  Why Can't We Be Friends?Yea that’s the one LOL s**t.

Prince “Cannonblasts” Madonna

(By: Jaye Irons)

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