Will John Kerry Be Voted Into The Senate?

Will John Kerry Be Voted Into The Senate? John Kerry by Talk Radio News Service

So today is the time for Sen. John Kerry to step his game up for his new job title, because the “Senate Foreign Relations Committee”  (Senate Committee On Foreign Relations)



is looking to act upon President Obama’s recommendation nominating Kerry as the next Secretary of State.

If the Committee approves to vote him into the position, it will be a quick choice on their part to follow through on their decision no doubt. The choice of the new selection came from President Obama, that chose Kerry as the next runner-up for the position, Hillary Rodham Clinton will step down after she has been in position for the title the past 4 years.


Hillary Rodham Clinton by Center for American Progress Action FundKerry said to the Senate confirmation hearing, that he would totally committed in enforcing U.S. sanctions against Iran. He also hint out at the political freight in Washington D.C. over Americas finances, Kerry warned Congress that U.S. really needs to be it’s own economy in order to effectively maintain it’s role as a world leader.

Kerry gave his statements to the Committee  talking about the U.S. economic issues, and U.S. sanctions against Iran he said: “My plea is that we been summoned across party lines, without partisans diversions and economic patriotism which recognizes that American strength and prospects aboard depend on American strength and results at home.”

Senators are due to vote on Kerry’s nomination next week, and it is believed that most think that the confirmation will indeed sail through. But analysts expect once Kerry gets the job, he will not doubt take a much harsher stance against the Iran issue.

So for the next 4 years, both President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will have to decide do we strike at Iran Iran with nuclear symbol by futureatlas.com or not plain and simple. it’s hard to imagine 4 more years of this slow motion path towards a uranian nuclear weapon, without Iran actually getting the weapon and if they do get it then it would put us into a very, very bad, situation all together. 

So the next four years is definitely decision time on the matter. 

There is no doubt the John Kerry will be confirmed as the new U.S. Secretary of State. He will take on position at the time when people all around the world is looking to America itself for leadership, so far he has made it clear to the committee itself  that he is ready to tackle the job head on.

He feels that it is imperative that things in this country waiver from it’s past struggles with economical set backs, and begin to move forward for new beginnings.


Will John Kerry Be Voted As New Secretary Of State?

(By: Jaye Irons)

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