3-Way Split: Rahm Emanuel Pushes Chicago Gun Law / ESAS [Sexual Addiction Disorder?] / Jason London Arrested In Bar Brawl.

Rahm Emanuel Rham-Emanuel_2939w by PeterS505 Pushes Chicago Gun Law

I referred to this topic once before on my very, very, long ago post: (Chicago Blasted Blues–Which you can type in my search box on the left side of my Blog and just hit enter to be taken to it). And as most people know about Chicago now, it’s not just known for it’s previous title “The Windy City,” anymore. But rather “The City Guns by Justiп Shooting Gallery” because of the constant killing sprees that take place every other day, and now puts Chicago out front and center in the public eye as the country’s worst killing ground city in America thus far.

It was even said that Chicago has had more shooting and killing incidents than typical killings over in Afghanistan AFGHANISTAN by Karim_Jan (AFGHANISTAN WAR / U.S. Troops)

(Dealings In War) as it’s does happen very often there. So this has brought attention to many in the Windy City as well as the higher-ups factions like Congress that have looked at Chicago closely recognizing it’s violence levels spiral out of control.

Enter Rahm Emanuel: So mayor Emanuel has a tough job on his hands, and it has been questioned of how can the gun situation be dealt with to curve the killings throughout the city. Emanuel decided to pressure gun manufacturers to agree to stricter gun laws to try to drive down the murder rate in the city. And he is looking to Banks and Major Leaders to help aid him in his cause, to add weight making it more difficult to purchase guns easily from gun outlets stores.

The TD Bank TD Bank New York Chinatown by Canadian Pacific is one that lends $60 million dollars of lined credit with Smith & Wesson, which is a gun manufacturer that makes AR-15‘s (Assault Weapons). Once such incident with movie goers that were present at a movie theater, and a gunman named James Holmes came in shot and killed 12 people in cold blood with that type of weapon.

The Strum,Rugar and Company (Another Gun Manufacturer) are provided line of credit from “Bank Of America,” Bank of America Center by Bill Jacomet that is a whopping $25 million which goes towards the production of their firearm production.

Emanuel wrote letters to the banks in Chicago, and convinced city leaders to take a reduction of $5 billion in pension fund investments from gun manufacturing companies.  (Sturm, Ruger & Company Logo)


New York and California has had also adopted the same ideas, of stopping pension investments in companies that conduct business with gun manufacturers. And this will no doubt, cut gun manufacturer’s revenues greatly which does not go over to well with citizens of America. Because liberal law makers are cracking down hard on issues, most wonder what else they might try to put a total cease to.

But in the case of Chicago it’s not the gun manufacturers that are bad guys, the real problem are the gangs that acquire the guns illegally or legally. And in the case of Rahm Emanuel, trying to work something out with this whole issue with stricter gun laws for the city is going to be a tough job to do so.



ESAS [Sexual Addiction Disorder?] sexuality by mag3737

I was listening on the radio and I was hearing a pretty tripped out story about this chick who has a compulsive need to get off (Back To Back Organisms) over 300 times in a day! The radio announcer jokingly called it ESAS (Extreme Sexual Arousal Syndrome)… Now LOL s**t, I gotta say I didn’t think that could be possible but apparently it can be. This is like a “Disorder,” but instead of your classics like a smoking disorder, or drinking, that are deemed “Compulsive Needs” that comes before anything else that person does in their life.

This one with the “Sexual Disorder’ (Which I Do Know Of Just Not On That Type Level) is something that has researchers even scratching their heads, in disbelief of people who can just go on and on having multiple organisms due to the overwhelming need for sexual gratification.


The term that defines this is called “Hyper-sexual Disorder” which has been listed as a new type of mental health condition. Researcher Rory Reid a psychologist / assistant professor of psychiatry at the “Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior” at UCLA,  was in charge of a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and even marriage/family therapists to find a way to better understand the condition in individuals and help health professionals to diagnose “Hyper-sexual Disorder.”

From Professor Reid’s study, this will add evidence to support that “Hyper-sexual Tendencies,” is to be considered a verified “Disorder.”

To find out more just click here (Science Daily.com/ Professor Rory Reid)


Jason London Jason London, Sofia Karstens, Night of 100 Stars Oscar Party 2011 by Real TV FilmsArrested In Bar Brawl…

Jason London has seen better days no doubt LOL. London got himself into some trouble after apparently taking part in a bar fight in Phoenix,AZ which got him canned in the slammer by police. He was charged with assault and disorderly conduct, after he supposedly threw punches and then after being taken to jail and riding in the police vehicle had defecated in the back seat on the squad car Tuesday.

London is best known for the character he portrays Randall “Pink” Floyd on the show “Dazed and Confused” (Which Fits His Description Rather Well In The Photo Down Below LOL). 

London sent out some messages on Twitter saying: “I would never say or do the crap they are reporting. “Have faith in me. The truth will come out and you will see.”


He goes on: “Some guy thought I was hitting on his girl and had me jumped. My wife  was in the next room, had no idea what had happened. I hate Arizona.” 

But it’s a little more to the story on this with London…

A person wanted London to apologize for sneezing on them and London refused, and instead threw a punch which led to the brawl. During that time, bouncers had to escort London out of the bar and he also hit one of the bouncers. In exchange the bouncers then took defense against London’s action of retaliation and responded back after his attack gesture (They Probably Beat His A*s Judging From His Mug Shot) 

… )

And from the Police report, it showed that he was over the limit of intoxication (Alcohol).

While in the squad car it was reported that he leaned to the left and took a ****, in which he then complained to the cops about the unbearable odor in the back seat..  😦

All I gotta say is why in the F**k do these stars messed up like this, I just don’t get it. All that money they have and they (Some Of Them Not All) just go haywire and out-of control… 

3-Way Split: Rahm Emanuel Pushes Chicago Gun Law / ESAS [Sexual Addiciton Disorder?] / Jason London Arrested In Bar Brawl.

(By: Jaye Irons)

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