Charlton Teacher Charged With Having Sex 7 Students Total…

Charlton Teacher Charged With DaNita Wilson, a Charlton County High School teacher charged with having sex with students.   Provided by the Charlton County Sheriff's OfficeHaving Sex 7 Students Total…

DaNita Wilson  is in hot water for apparently having sex relations with her students at the Charlton County High School out in Georgia, it was said that Wilson was having sex with up to 7 students and she now faces serious charges of sexual assault charges. The GBI (Georgia Bureau Of Investigation) did a one-day investigation on Wilson, (Stacy Carson An Assistant Special Agent From The Georgia Bureau…Kingsland Office) relayed the information of the charges and activities of Wilson about the sexual assault charges.

Six of the students were at least 16 and one was younger than 16, Carson said. 

Wilson 32, and married was carrying on with the affair with the 7 students for at least a year or a little over a year. After her investigation was done Wilson resigned from the High School as a (Math) teacher. What led to the investigation was a tip that came from another faculty member teacher, thus in turn the school’s Superintendent was then told of the allegations involving Wilson and 7 students of sexual encounters.

The Superintendent didn’t believe the information relayed to him, especially because he was the one who had hired Wilson for the teaching job 10 years ago starting there as a 9th grade math teacher. 

Another case that has caught a lot of attention was another teacher or rather former teacher. Todd Dobson of Wichita,Ks., was caught by witnesses (Parents) that he was standing outside of the girls locker room at Central Junior High. Dobson, 43

was confronted by Police after they were alerted to the scene was asked why he was standing outside of the girls locker room, as he acclaimed to be peering at the girls basketball game at the time.

Dobson replied to the Police: “With my experience as a gym teacher, I just wanted to be sure that the girls were stretching out and taping up.”I had some Icy Hot, if they needed some Icy Hot that all.”  …He said to the Police.

Dobson, did have the Icy Hot present with him, but he also did have 2 situations in the past as a Phys Ed teacher (Physical Education). And both times he was dismissed from his position as a result.

Officer Mike Fina, one of the Officers that confronted Dobson outside of the girls locker room commented about Dobson’s attitude while being questioned of the matter: “He kept saying things like ‘If you were in my class, your ass would be running laps all day’ and ‘You see this whistle?         

This is my badge.”                                                                                                       (Photo Credit: “The Sports Bean“)

After the short episode outburst by Dobson the police told him to vacate the premisses and don’t return…

Oh yea didn’t forget about DiNita Wilson, if convicted she will get 25 years in prison…

All I gotta say about it is that those two people are all messed up in the NOGGIN LOL big time…

(Video Credit: Hodgetwins)

Charlton Teacher Charged With Having Sex 7 Students Total

(By; Jaye Irons)

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