Gunslinger Girl: “Dangerous Anime Dolls”

Gunslinger Girl: Gunslinger-Girl-45.jpg “Dangerous Anime Dolls”

This is a crazy animation t.v. series about these girls that are either, severely injured, left for dead in some sort of bad situation,  or even some that were exploited in some way or other and then discarded like garbage left on their own not knowing what the future will bring for them. 

That’s basically how Gunslinger Girl is set up in it’s episode plots, that will focus eventually on every girl who is a part of the “Social Welfare Agency” (Which Takes The Girls In And Trains Them To Be Assassins).

It is suggested that these girls are what you would call the “Chosen Ones,” because of the violent and traumatic near death experiences that each is dealt. And the even weirder part to this is that these girls are chosen for a sensitive experiment, that will change and alter their bodies to help them carry out their assignments or “Taking Out Their Targets Effectively.”

The first part of their training is rehabilitation, as most often they are discovered by the SWA (Social Welfare Agency) that are instructed to retrieve these girls that are just a brush away from near death experiences. Such the case of the character Angela who was set up by her own parents in a staged car accident, in order to collect on a huge life insurance settlement leaving her basically dead at the scene.

Or Triela Gunslinger-Girl-23.jpg  another girl who was kidnapped and forced into S&M films or a “Snuff Film,” where she was tortured for kicks by her captives. She was found just in time by SWA agents that rescued her and murdered her captives even though one of the agents gave their life to help save her.

Or Claes Gunslinger-Girl-24.jpg who was a serious bookworm that she picked up from her Father a Professor. She really didn’t have any traumatic experiences that was told about her past, but she basically remains at the facility that the girls train and live at with all provided resources by the SWA.

All Claes really does is read LOL, but sometimes they might take her along on an assignment if another girl needs assistance taking out their targets. But regularly Claes will either read, cook, or do gardening tasks on the grounds of the SWA facility.

Rico Gunslinger-Girl-28.jpg  is a crazy one LOL, this girl just likes to punish her targets with physical beat-downs (Kicks The S**t Out Of The Targeted Assignment Which Are Grown Men). She is a Highly trained Sniper that barely lived through birth because of diverse birth effects, and was confined to hospital care for the remainder of her life.

Her parents didn’t know what to do and was in visual pain as they witnessed their daughter’s painful struggle to just live, at age 11 they signed her over to the SWA.


Now these are just a few of the girls that I mentioned but there are more, I think almost 15. But there is another twist to this tragic but also turn-around for a better life story.

Now for most people, you probably don’t know this show I’m about to mention unless you are old like me haha. The “Six Million Dollar Man“.


Was a show about Col. Steve Austin who was a “Jet Flyer/Astronaut Pilot” was demonstrating some cool moves flying in a jet over a military base. When the systems of the jet goes haywire causing a malfunction, as a result Austin goes down and crashes leaving him dead on the scene. But he was barely alive in critical condition. 

He was taking in surgery  and was to be chosen for a “Bionic Altercation Project,” that would not only allow him to walk, but do everything another person can do but 10 times better. I’ll leave a video of that here so you can check out Austin in action above…

But this is the same outcome for these girls as well they are cyborgs, and they are also assigned “Handlers” that they look up to as big brothers that help train them in military tactical combat, firearm usage, and strategic enemy take-downs, etc..

And depending upon how they adjust to their bodies once they go through the “Conditioning Process,” (They Are Trained To Obey And Follow instructions For Their Safety And Their  Handlers) will dictate if they are ready or not to start their missions with the SWA.   (Picture Above Of Jose / Handler Assigned To Henrietta).


Sometimes they also might have unexpected side-effects from the Bionics in their bodies, or even sometimes violent reactions to a past experience gone very bad that can enhance their emotions and can make them very dangerous and even unstable. A good example of that is Angela that sometimes zones out completely and does not know what she is doing, and that with the combination of Bionics can be deadly to regular people around her.

At that point usually their handler will have to snap them out of it, or in some cases put the girl through more conditioning so that they follow orders and do not deviate from their task at hand.

But check it out for yourself It’s a great anime series all together, but it was short I only saw a total of 16 episodes.

Gunslinger Girl: “Dangerous Anime Dolls”

(By: Jaye Irons)

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