Missing Mother Went Missing In Turkey Finally Found…

Missing Mother PHOTO: Sarai Sierra, from New York, has been missing in Turkey since Jan. 21, 2013.Went Missing

In Turkey Finally Found…

Sarai Sierra, 33 from New York was on vacation out in Istanbul, Turkey   went missing. Saturday her body was found, Sierra was dead. Sierra was orginally suppose to go on the flight with her friend, to take her tour trips of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Munich Germany. Which was all part of her photography project, pictures that she was taken while on her trip.

Sierra wound up going alone on her trip, her friend was going to go with her before the trip but had cancelled instead. Once Sarai arrived in Istanbul, Turkey she had contacted them that day for the last time which was Jan .21, in which she had told her family that she would go to the Galata Bridge which overlooks the Golden Horn waterway in Istanbul.

When Police had found her body, she was wearing a jumper with jeans, and she was wearing earrings and her bracelet garment.

Her body was located not far from the Galata Bridge, this is were most tourists stop to take pictures usually of the Bridge itself while capturing the picture of the Murmura Sea  in the distance that runs along the main road leading up to the bridge.

The Police that Saturday, had contained the crowd of toursits in order to conduct an forensic examination of the area that could turn up clues. Sierra had went to the bridge to meet up with a man, the man later was questioned by the police had told them that she never showed up as they had planned.

Authorities then talked to people who might have been at the location where Sierra’s body was found at. One witness a woman said that she saw a white car that was parked not far form the city walls that she had drove there on Jan. 29, she claims that a man was in the process of removing something from her vehicle.

The woman decided not to give her name, but she did say that she saw a woman’s hand as it was being moved by the mysterious man wrapped in a blanket. (Surely Sierra’s body)

Security footage was being looked over to see if any clues would possibly reveal themselves to authorities, hoping that something would turn – up more evidence which might lead to more clues.

Sarai’s family (Her Husband And Brother) Thumbnail came out to Istanbul, Turkey to help search for her. Her mother Betzaida Jimenez  was instructed not to discuss the case about her daughter back in New York.

Sarai more and likely was stalked and attacked by an assailant, and it is situations like break-ins or other minor crimes that have happened from time to time in Istanbul.

So far nine to eleven suspects were detained and questioned about their whereabouts, during the time interval leading up to Sarai’s disappearence and murder.

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