“Black Dahlia” Who Really Killed Her…

“Black Dahlia” Thumbnail   ”  Who Really Killed Her…

This is a story about this girl named Elizabeth Short or better known as A.K.A “Black Dahlia,” she was often mistaking as a Call Girl. Many men had a thing for her, and because of her dazzling beauty they would give just about anything to even be noticed by this sexy bombshell. But Mrs. Short would one day come across a man who had other plans for her, thus leading up to her horrific murder that happened back in 1947.

Elizabeth was in the downtown Los Angeles area, at the  Hirsh Apartment Complex. Pic-03062013-023

The Complex itself was built-in 1912 the same year after the infamousTitantic”  sank into ocean waters and still till this day is making history of that unforgettable event. And the Hirsh Apartment Complex still looks similar to what it did back in 47′, but this is where Elizabeth Short was slaughtered brutality

Her murder would go down as one of the most controversial for years to come, and the thing is no one was able to I.D. the killer.

Till now… Because apparently a retired LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept) detective named Steve Hodel  spent a lot of time or rather decades, trying to piece together clues that could reveal just who exactly killed Short over six decades ago.


What but Hodel would have to find the proof that would blow this 60 plus year old case wide open, and finally give a name to the man who murdered the “Black Dahlia.”

Hodel decided to gather a crew form the popular show “Ghost Hunters,” along with a K-9 and went back to his childhood home “The Sowden House.”

He use the K-9 to pick up various scents that would determine whether or not possible locations where Short was murdered (Wow A Dog’s Nose Can Really Pick Up Scents After 60 years + That’s unbelievable) , Hodel believed that she was murdered in the basement of the establishment.


Short earned the nickname “Black Dahlia” because of the Black flower she would often sport with an outfit she would wear (She Wore It In Her Hair). 


And even though this girl was popular and well-known, she did not have a star on the walk of fame like so many Hollywood stars do. Or any statues of her depicting a presence never to be forgotten, but she started out from New England traversing to Hollywood… Like most attractive young ladies trying to make it big and become a star.

Her murder was just the most disturbing, her body was literally sawed or severed in two and the body was drained of it’s blood completely.The body was found by a lady who reported seeing a body badly mutilated laying in a field.

For someone to do this to this girl on that level would be considered for that person to be a “Sadist,” (One Who Gets Off On Torturing Another Person And Has No Limit Of Recourse Of Their Actions Even If They Commit Murder.) 

It’s a shame this girl was very beautiful, she had that movie star look to herself all the way… She had jet black hair and blue eyes that seem to reflect the color of the ocean, she would often attract men like a negative side to the positive side of a two adjacent magnets. she love to dish out the charm, and had very good manners.

So you see this girl had that drive, that “Call To Action”  that she took when she left from New England to Hollywood. She had what she knew Hollywood wanted a beautiful Diva that could be made into an icon symbol. 

But she did have a off-setting secret, that did hold her back to no avail. You see she could not be intimate with a man or rather she could not have sexual relations. It had something to do with her physical organs their make-up  (Her Genitals Were Not Fully Developed Properly) which meant no sex.

Even though her other problems were having to watch out for the “Bullshit” that Hollywood feeds a lot to girls, if they are too trusting or too soft they often wind up getting used and taken advantage of.

Examples of that would come from all of the bar hopping she would do hanging with the wrong crowd of company. And this would ultimately lead up to her tragic death.

So now Steve Hodel was determined to prove whether or not his late father, Geogre Hodel, MD  (Medical Doctor) was the killer.


George Hodel did fit the match for the murder, because Dahlia’s body was sliced in two pieces with surgical precision and he was a Doctor. Investigators were brought into the mix of the crime, and looked at Dr. Hodel as a suspect in question. So they bugged his house to listen for incriminating evidence.

After authorities decided to go after Dr. Hodel he left his family and headed for Asia.

So his son basically prove his case, but wasn’t satisfied because still there was no suspect brought to justice.


So finally with the help of the K-9 and a long time friend of Steve Hodel, had come even closer to solving this case. The smell of decomposition of Dahlia’s body still had trace left behind which the dog (Buster) had picked up with his keen smell.

And the fact that Steve had remember for the wire tap bug, that was in his Father’s house, had recorded the screams of Elizabeth and pounding blows (As If She Was Being Hit With An Object) as he described to the authorities.

But still nothing has proven the case officially closed, and for Steve Hodel that means he not officially done until it is solved…

“Black Dahlia” Who Really Killed Her

(By: Jaye Irons)

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