3-Way Slice: Online Learning For Schools.. The Downside / Health Care Laws Gone Crazy / Guide To A Hitchhiker’s Nightmare..

Online Learning For Schools.. Pic-03042013-022 The Downside

So basically it’s goes like this, online learning in School are beneficial no doubt and it can help a kid learn 2 – 3 times faster on a subject then in tradition Schooling techniques that were taught in classrooms around the country before the “Internet showed it’s face in the 90’s.

But I do remember when I was a kid about 10 or 11 years old, this one show that would come on Channel 32 WFLD-TV (Now FOX On Cable) would show this program called “Nite-Owl” which first came on in 81′ or 82′. 

“Nite-Owl” would bring constant information about various news events, not just local but also world news as well and it was pretty fast with updating the information on breaking stories. But LOL the “Net” eventually would replace it, because again it was just too slow to keep up with all the information just floating out there.

But all in all it’s was informative ..

But this thing about the online school learning first broke into the classroom scene in the mid-90’s, and from then has never let go of the pick a course and quickly get that diploma over the magic of the “Electric Screen Streamer” called the Internet.

But the kids today DO NOT HAVE ANY ACTUAL IDEA,  of how traditional classrooms would run in schools… Parents to are somewhat unenlightened, to what their kids are being taught as now the motion to X and O out the Textbook old way of learning is starting to phase out more and more.


So this means everything is going to be totally online, only the kids will know what they are learning what is in front of them on their computer screen. Parents won’t really have any clue what their kids are being taught, and this does concern quite a few parents on that note.

Originally the online programs for schools was just a way to help the teacher manage information on a topic matter for their class, to teach the students with more provided information and because the students can use the net to surf for information quicker it does take a burden off of the teacher’s shoulders.


But the kids’ Parents are still left out in the loop, 

Pic-03232013-014 (confused parents)

 not really knowing what their kid is actually learning is still a problem.

Classic learning back then was like this… A kid comes home from School, they are in their room studying and their mom or dad comes in to check on them about their lesson (Homework) what the kid is studying about.

The kid will think to themselves at times (Why Are You Interested In What I’m Learning?..) it’s simple, they have greater control to see if what you are learning is acceptable to the kid’s educational training. LOL after all they do pay for the kid’s Pic-03232013-015schooling haha..

But nowadays, all that is past news events. Online is the new wave of learning, it may not be 100% ethical and it is not the traditional way of learning. But it does teach the kid about the subject matter, they need to understand to be able to apply it to a field of study as they progress in their School career future.

But the burning question that remains, to what extent…  (Click Here To Learn More)


Health Care Laws Gone Crazy

So there are supposed regulations,that comes from the “New Health Care Laws.” Consumers are going to be pissed the h**l  off over this one.



The  FDA (Food Drug Administration)  is now opposing the ‘Label Reading’ that now is tagged to your favorite food that you might be itching to go pick from your local Grocery Store (Supermarkets and Convenience Store Are The New Targets Of This Health Care Law). 

Think about the store shelves were most of the food item you are going to select, will now have full nutritional information on label (Annoying). This includes Soups, Salads, even Bakery items are targeted for these label invasions.. It might not bother you too much but, it will when I tell you that it will come with a price to this ‘New’ modification of getting your favorite food off the shelf.

Under the new regulation the grocer will have to invest in a very expensive software system,  or if not the Supermarket or Convenience store will have  each food item sent out and inspected by an independent lab which will run a lot of money into the mix right there. (Yea I know Sounds Like…) “More Taxes” LOL. 

Pic-03232013-009So this will cost the supermarket industry over as billion dollars easily annually, and WHO you say will be left to pick up the pieces… Well it ain’t Ronald McDonald or Grimace at your local Mikey D’s fast food shack, 


 no No See– It will be us 😦 . Yea, that’s right freakin‘ Uncle Sam rides again.



You know it really makes you wonder about the all the tax laws just floating around right?


So what’s next on the list… Increase tax on what umm… Water?  Toothpaste? A bag of skittles, because of excessive food color usage that comes from something else? LOL h**l let’s just go ahead and throw in Air laws right– BECAUSE TAXES ARE CHOKING THE S**T OUT OF OUR POCKETS…



(You Saw The Illinois Post What Did Abe Say At The Top Of That Post? Umm… Oh Yea!!) 

Case In Point… (Click Here For Something That Piss You Off Even More Refer Back To My Post On RFID chips Type In Search Box Top Left Side)


Guide To A Hitchhiker’s Nightmare..  (Smash 3X’s)


Smash!!, Smash!!, Smash!!

Yea is what the hitchhiker had to say after his no doubt  will put him in the lime light as a ‘Hero’..

This heavy-set guy gives an unsuspecting hitchhiker the ride of his life. “Enter The Hitchhiker Kai-Son” who saves the day and he comments of what transpired was equally noted and unforgettable what happened you say?? Read Kai’s Comments, that he shared with FOX news for yourself.

Kai (Hitchhiker) : So , here’s the thing> A man drove down the street in Fresno the other day, declared himself to be Jesus Christ, began shouting the n-word, drove his car into a black electric company worker and pinned him against his truck, jumped out and started beating up a nearby woman, and this is somehow really get crazy.

(Breaking form Kai’s story for a minute)

Tanya Baker was a witness but also a target for the enraged man who got out of his vehicle to further torture the electric company worker that was pinned against his truck by the crazy guy’s car.

Tanya then got involved, as she saw the crazed man claiming to be “Christ Himself,” go back to his car…

‘No doubt to finish what he started.’

When she ran up to the 6’4″ lunatic, he then grabbed her and placed her in a bear-hug as to smother her to death. 

Tanya said to Fox News in her interview: “He just kept saying he’s Jesus Christ and he’s going to save all of us,” Followed by— “But we have to get rid of the N-word (Blacks) he said, we need to get them off the earth.”

Re-enter Kai —

Who at the time was hitching a ride with the crazed racist man at the time this all transpired.

Kai said then: “Like a guy that big can snap a woman’s neck like a pencil stick! So I fucking ran up behind him with a hatchet (Smash,Smash,—-SMASHHHH—-!)  End quote .

Because Kai took immediate action of the situation, he was able to ward off the crazed idiot claiming to be the “Messiah.”

The PG&E worker was quickly taken to the hospital with two broken legs, and the lunatic was taken away as well he wasn’t badly injured. But he is resting comfortably in a 5 by 9 closed in recreation institution if you will LOL s**t at this point and time.

So all’s well that ends’ well.

Cheers to Kai “The Hatchet Head Creep Smasher!” haha. imgres 3X’s over…

(Click To Watch)

3-Way Slice: Online Learning For Schools.. The Downside / Health Care Laws Gone Crazy / Guide To A hitchhikers’s Nightmare.. (Smash 3X’s)

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference in life is yourself strive for the best!

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