Illinois Is So Broke, That Abe Lincoln’s Pockets Are Lentless…

Illinois Is So Broke, That Abe Lincoln’s Pockets Are Lentless…


Illinois is just up s**t creek, taxes are just chopping up residents all over the state. And it is taking it’s toll on jobs, student loans, paychecks, mortgages, social security benefits, LOL hell lets just even throw in a package of salami while we’re at it… It just sad really to see this state in such a bad financial way, and frankly it is depressing the citizens living in the “Land Of Lincoln.” Case in point, that guy’s photo don’t lie haha.. 


So the thing is Illinois owes so much in debt it’s just ridiculous, estimated totals from 2002 up until now if added could tally up to billion dollars easily… And it holds no remorse for the people living here, it is reported that an estimated 10 households are leaving the debt stricken state every couple of hours at a time!!

They head out for states that are “Tax-Friendly,”  like Indiana for financial comfort and job opportunities. And they do this for the simple reason… To be able to provide for their families, find some type of financial stability, job assurance and security, and affordable recreative activities (Fun For Their Family That Does Not Break The Bank).

But in Illinois it is a bit misunderstood so think about this, in agricultural industry the state has taken in billions of dollars, the international companies has flocked to Illinois making a fortune as well (No Doubt To It’s Workers That Slave Their Lives Away To Help These Corporation Giants Turn Out Killers Profits that Would Make Santa Blush 10 Times Over With Bashful Disbelief) 

but the Workforce performance in Illinois was at one point highly productive, and the transportation aspects of the state Pic-03232013-004also at one point was at the top (Taking The Train, Or Bus, If You Can’t Afford A Car That Was The Alternative) and considered highly reliable for convenient everyday travel…

Which was geared toward either the daily work commute  or the looking to hit the town seeking for the hot spots gatherings showcasing social play events. 

But let’s be honest Illinois just faces a lot of financial woes people, with the economy dragging it’s legs, and jobs just keeps either shutting down or just getting outsourced out of the state to a foreign country, and people just losing hope along with it all…

Points out one thing abruptly clear about the future prediction outlook of Illinois. IT IS HEADING FOR FINANCIAL MELTDOWN!! 


Another thing is that the state’s tax revenues have steadily risen out of control, matter of fact it has set the record for the highest tax increases in American history thus far.

The state Government has money, even thought they claim it is broke itself… (Which Is Bulls**t!! Times 29 mc*3 To The Power Of Lincoln’s Or Rather Uncle Sam‘s non-lented Pockets  Of Debt Pit Emptiness As Depicted Below).

But yet they turn around and come up with billions of dollars in the 2011 fiscal year, and spend it like it’s going out of style.

And I’m sure the ones pulling the strings on that one, simply laugh it off at the tax payers’ expense because they know their eating a big fat bullet in a dish called “Tax Green Salad.” 

The most depressing factor is the state’s unfunded retirement duties which is included in the calculations, on a yearly budget  deficit rate in Illinois which hit over $10 billion annually…

So on a sadly ending note (B flat For Broken Illinois Piggy Bank Syndrome) or simply [BIPBS], the repayment schedule that Illinois taxpayers to finish paying their debts is angled for the year 2036. So that comes to an estimate of over $40 billion dollars. 

Man gotta say, I think even “Honest Abe” would just say… “Hey Mary baby, let’s… let’s just pack up the wagon Pic-03232013-008

and mosey on over to good ol’ Indy (Indiana) and escape the “Tax Loops Of Terror!” Enter: ‘The Illi Blues‘ HAHAHA.. 

(Click Here To See What Bill Kurtis Has To Say About All This)


Illinois Is So Broke, That Abe Lincoln’s Pockets Are Lentless

(By: Jaye Irons)

Till Then My Motto: Stay calm, cool, collective, knowing that the only thing that keeps you from making a difference is yourself strive for the best!

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