After Flicking The Judge She Almost Gets A 30 Day Stay…

After Flicking The Judge She Gets  A 30 Day Stay…

Penelope  Soto messed up badly LOL, even Santa held his head down in shameful embarrassment as she ever so boldly did the one thing that would get you some hard bought time in the can.

SHE FLICKED OFF THE FREAKIN’ JUDGE… And she laughed about it…                                   

She bast.. In glory of what she did, not showing any humility or any shame for what she had done.

And after the judge said: “Did you just say F**k myself? 


Soto was quiet for a split second…

The judge said it again do you just tell me F**k myself?? 

She finally with testicular fortitude… Said: Ya I did!..

Pissing him off further after muttering under her breath walking away, and oh yea she (Flicked The Stick Off In The Distance Which He Saw In The Distance)

30 days!! And you can throw in that well deserved  $10,000 fine! OUCHHH!!!!!

LOL it’s hilarious, this wild out of control, don’t take no s**t type attitude.

(LHAOR) Laughing Her Ass Off Relentlessly at all of the questions that Judge Jorge Rodriquez Chomat had nicely tossed her questions.. (LOL He Threw Questions At Her Like You Flick A Flick A Frisbee Really Hard At Someone Like You Trying To Take Their Off Of Their Neck). This was about her Xanax possession that got her into a heap pf trouble for the get go.

Then she had the bold nerve to cuss out the judge, like if she told off a cheating boyfriend, that she happen to catch with a best friend of  5 years. Then she just kept laughing at him,  you know while he was telling this fool what she did wrong and she just trying to act super tough and defiant. 

Only in the end to wind up apologizing, like a dufus haha…

Choking on her words like she had chewed on a fatty cheeseburger  (A Triple Whooper Stacker Stuck In Her Throat And Her Words Just Can’t Air Out). And to add to the “Collateral Damaged Look” on her face, her family just have to sit there and listen to the girl pour her heart out to the judge begging for forgiveness and leniency. 

But you see this is a common problem with the youth today, they think no matters in terms of respect, or thinking that everybody else in the world just simply exist.

And they think the only thing that matters to them is what they want, feel, and need.

But hey let’s get real, we have to have order in the world. Young people must understand that, it’s just no way around it.

I was like that (Even Though I Wouldn’t Flick A Judge Off And Then Laugh In His/Her Face) a little defiant but I still understood my place.

And that was because my Parents wouldn’t allow vulgar actions like that NEVER (LOL My Father Was Heavy-Handed You See, If You Messed Up Bad… He Then Would Finish Messing You Up Worse)...Case In Point…    



They demanded respect nothing less, they would not come off as a friend to me. They made that clear to me when I was growing up.





But today’s youth have more lee-way, because the 

 laws are shifted in their favor and that’s ass-backwards big time.

But hey the best teacher for a youth now, is to learn the hard way when they hit 18…

The bad decisions you run with, the consequences will follow not to far behind it.

Haha, The “hard way,” just SUCKS. Do Believe It… 

After Flicking The Judge She Almost Gets A 30 Day Stay

(By: Jaye Irons)

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