Christopher Dorner: Guardian Angel Gone Bad…

Christopher Dorner: Guardian Angel Gone Bad…

Christopher Dorner is a hard guy to track down as the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept), have been out the manhunt for the former Police Officer Dorner now branded a serial killer

calling himself by his handle “Manifesto”, which was posted himself. This all happen when Dorner had murdered 3 people so far and ambushed two officers after they unsuspectingly lie in wait killing one of the officers, after they were radioed by the station to be out the look out for Dorner.

Dorner basic thing was to be a police officer, which did happen for him back in 05′ and things backfired for him in 08′ when he was fired from his position as an officer after giving falsified information.

And it didn’t get any easier from there as he then went through a divorce with his wife in 07′, and he had no children from the relationship. This is where Dorner started thinking about losing his relationship with his wife, and on top of all that his job as an Officer.

I guess he felt that he had nothing else to turn to, so he decided to take revenge into his own hands that he aimed out the LAPD.


He constructed a murder plot in where he had murdered the daughter (Monica Quan) of former Police Officer Randall Quan who represented Dorner as an Attorney which  tried to help Dorner to keep his job with the LAPD, but Dorner did not prevail in the case to keep his job.

    (Monica Quan & Keith Lawrence)                                                                                                

He also killed Monica Quan’s fiance Keith Lawrence as they were both found in their car, fatally shot. 

And after he shot and killed another Officer, a huge manhunt went into effect to go after and apprehend the former LAPD Officer.

The manhunt started off around Big Bear Lake,California, were Police were searching for Dorner in snowy Mountain areas in southern California.

Dorner was driving a pickup truck that authorities had found, but it was torched, so what ever evidence there is totally useless. The School and school children in the Bear Valley area were instructed by the Police to stay home from school because of the manhunt that was in effect for Dorner.


(Law enforcement officers get their search dogs warmed up to continue the search for Christopher Dorner in the heavy snow at the Bear Mountain ski resort…)

San Diego Police did go to a house which from a caller that had reported seeing him out in the area, and told Police that he was in the house. So over a dozen of San Diego Police Officers, waited the night out to see if he was there, but it turn out to be untrue and the call form the anonymous tipster is now being slapped with criminal charges which was said by Police Lt. Jason Rothlein.

So now the search has widened for Dorner, as it stretches around California, Nevada, Arizona, and even the northern parts of Mexico.

Authorities even started up at point, a door-to-door search for Dorner around the Bear Mountain Ski Resort which was early in the search but came away empty.


(Big Bear Mountain Ski Resort Picture)

The Police haven’t giving up for the search of the former Los Angeles Cop, who was also a Naval Reserve recruit. And that is what really scares the Authorities at this point, because Dorner has had extensive Military training in “Evade and Capture” strategies, as well as rifle marksmanship training and he is a higly-skilled handgun user as well.

Former Neighbors of Dorner still can’t believe what they are witnessing on the news about him.

One of his neighbors David Pighin in the Orange County community of La Palma said he just can’t believe what is being said about Dorner. He said: Donner often kept to himself, as he would see him at times get into his Nissan Titan leaving the house to go to work.

Other neighbors said that the family appeared to be nice people. And that they were liked by others in the neighborhood.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck wants Dorner to turn himself in, but he knows Dorner will take the hard way out as a first option. Beck said: “of course he knows what he is doing, we trained him. He wa also a member of the Armed Forces. It is extremely worrisome and scary.”

So police out in Los Angeles really have been on the edge as two women, who were driving the same type vehicle as Dorner were believed to be the murder suspect.

Police had accidentally shot 47-year-old Maggie Carranza, and her mother 71-year-old Emma Hernandez, that had a car model (Nissan Titan) like Dorner. The police could face serious charges for the mix up, from both women. Both are expected to survive.

Dorner has also posted some writings on a Facebook page that was addressed at the LAPD. And they were pretty tense and disturbing to them.

The authorities are pursing him still, and they should hurry because this guy is seemingly not done making his point no time soon.

Christopher Dorner: Guardian Angel Gone Bad

(By: Jaye Irons)

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