Pope Benedict Steps Down At 85..

Pope Benedictus XVI

Pope Benedictus XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pope Benedict Steps Down At 85..

After serving for years as a powerful  figure-head of the Vatican, Pope Benedict finally decides to step down from his position and is now ready to relinquish the noble and holy title to another.

Over the course of the last few months, the Pope started to notice that his physical health was seemingly deteriorating.

He had come to terms realizing that he will not be able to carry on serving under the title as “Bishop Of Rome,” and thus decided to past the honor of his position to the next worthy successor. 

When the Pope Declared his announcement, it left millions upon of his followers shocked and in utter disbelief.

Even though he realizes the daily tasks and trails that he would normally face everyday dealing with issues tethered to his duties to the Catholic Church (He Is The Governing Force of the Catholic Church Proclaiming The Gospel), he just cannot continue no longer in the position due to health issues of “Accelerated Aging.”

Archbishop Vincent Nichols released the statement about the Pope, deciding to step down from his position, earlier this morning. 

Many of the Pope’s followers have the up most respect for him, as he embarked on his long journey as the “Bishop Of Rome” for decades. And he noble beliefs that never faded from his ongoing duties, fulfilling his commitments to the Vatican.

 Father Frederico Lombardi  commented to a reporter saying: “The pope was very concentrated. Evidently it was a solemn moment… It was a very emotive speech.”

imgres (Father Frederico Lombardi)

He goes on to say.. “There where many other cardinals in the room, in support of the Holy Pope. The Pope has gathered with Cardinals at his location of choice, in order to make an announcement that is extremely important. There is yet to be an announcement, which is not yet available the Pope has not released any official statements to confirm his resignation in the form of a resignation speech.

The Pope wants his message to be understood through multilingual (Language Translations), which will be translated to indexing languages that will extend out to followers over the world.

This will a brief decoration speech that will run about 50 minutes, the Cardinals and others will listen to the Pope’s speech with great admiration. This will be an announcement that he will make to his followers and his decision to step down from his position as Bishop Of Rome.

Father Frederico Lombardi said there will be more details later today of the Pope’s speech about his final decision he has made of his retirement as bishop.

Pope Benedict Steps Down At 85..

(Video Credit: Paul Begley)

(By: Jaye Irons)

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